Mortal Kombat 11: How To Find The Movie Reptile Easter Egg | Secret Locations Guide

Mortal Kombat 11 is totally self-referential, but this one might be the most overloaded with Easter eggs yet. One of the best Easter eggs we’ve found so far is a deep-cut reference to the 1995 movie — yes, you can find the weird CGI abomination of Reptile in this game, and he’s hiding all over the Krypt. Giving him a good smack with the hammer will unlock unique skins and a stack of valuable in-game currency.

If you want to find Reptile for yourself, check out the guide below and you can watch how it’s done. He won’t actually appear until you’ve delved pretty deep into the underground. You’ll need to locate a very hidden chamber, and then Reptile will run free.

So, if you’re not familiar, Reptile was (at one time) a very secret green ninja in the very first Mortal Kombat. The character was a simple re-paint of Scorpion, but he’s reappeared in many games since then in playable form. The secretive villain even appeared in the 1995 movie adaptation of the games — and he was pretty bizarre. Reptile was a CGI lizard that could turn invisible; to take the form of a man, it crawled into a weird statue. Why am I explaining all of this nonsense? It’s because you can find that CGI lizard in MK11.

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How To Find The Movie Reptile Easter Egg | Secret Locations Guide
Yes, this is what Reptile looks like in Mortal Kombat (1995).

To summon Reptile in the Krypt, unlock the Skeleton Key door in the back-left corner of Goro’s Dining Hall. This gives you access to the Torture Halls — past the two trap hallways, you’ll reach a dungeon. Unlock the second gate on the right with another Skeleton Key, then activate Kenshi’s Blindfold to reveal a secret cracked wall.

Smash through the wall to enter a hidden area! You’ll get a short cutscene, introducing Reptile — this slithering snake-like creature will spawn in various random locations throughout the Krypt. If you find him with Kenshi’s Blindfold, you can smack him with your hammer and unlock an exclusive skin and 200 soul fragments. Not bad!

Reptile will spawn in these various locations. Check them all — you can hit him multiple times for extra rewards.

The Pit (Above Ground) – Across the 2,000 Soul Fragment bridge.

Lower Pit – In the center of the area.

Goro’s Lair – Directly to the right, in the small cave, after riding the main elevator down.

Dead Woods – In the back-left from the entrance, near the 10,000 Soul Fragment container.

Gardens – Outside the Gazebo, next to the gnarled tree.

The Courtyard – In the small exterior area, accessible only from the Jails elevator. Near the heart chest.

The Armory – Right in the center of this room, past Goro’s Throne Room.

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