Kingdom Come: Deliverance – How To Win Every Single 1-vs-1 Swordfight | Easy Dueling Guide

Kingdom Come: Deliverance doesn’t mess around when it comes to sword fights. There’s a complex, deadly system that’s both thrilling and methodical. Most of the time, you’re going to lose if you face an opponent that’s more skilled than you. That’s why you’ll want to take any possible edge — and there’s one trick you can use to guarantee victory every single time. It’s all about the clinch.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance prides itself on providing a realistic-as-possible look into a very old society, when life was hard. It’s kind of like an extremely difficult take on Skyrim, with quests, a story, and absolutely brutal mechanics. You’ll have to practice extensively to learn how to get good with a sword, and even then you might not win many battles. The best strategy is to rush in close and make use of the clinch. It’s a real life-saver.

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How To Win Every Single 1-vs-1 Swordfight | Easy Dueling Guide


The trick to easy victory is simple — use clinches. This is useful for any 1-vs-1 battle. Duels, tough boss opponents, or the Rattay Tourney will be much easier to complete if you clinch often. You don’t even need to be a good swordfighter. This method will also help you avoid taking too much damage. Once you get it down, it’s easy to defeat opponents without taking a single hit.

  • To clinch, approach an armed opponent. Get very close, and you’ll lock-up into a clinch.
  • Tap [F] to win the clinch.
    • For whatever reason, different attack types have different power in a clinch. Kick is the best clinch-escape move.
  • Once you escape a clinch, your opponent will be temporarily stunned. Approach and attack while they’re open! The stab is the fastest attack.
  • If they’re tough, they can strike back with a deadly Master Stroke. This only happens if you hit your opponent with a combo.
    • To be safe, you can either attack only once after each clinch, or test the waters with a stab after your first attack. If they block, then you know a longer combo won’t work.
  • Do about 50%+ damage, and your opponent will have a harder time defending. Then you’ll be able to more easily use combos to bring them down faster.

This isn’t just an easy method for destroying just about anyone in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, it’s also a great way to win the Rattay Tournament and earn the Leipa Armor very early in the game.

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