Vane: 100% Trophies Guide | How To Unlock Every Trophy

If you enjoy the more atmosphere style adventure titles like Journey and Abzu then you’ll want to check out Vane. This is an adventure title developed under Friend & Foe, where players follow a child that is able to transform into a crow. Majority of the game is based on exploration and puzzle solving, likewise as you progress through the game there will be several trophies to collect along the way. In this guide, we’re going to showcase just how to unlock each trophy however, we do have another guide where we showcase just how to get both endings known as Sacrifice and Migration, each will also earn you a trophy within the game.

Platinum Trophy


  • Collect all other trophies.

Just as the trophy description states, players will need to unlock all of the trophies below before they can unlock Hierophant.

Gold Trophies

Max Speedbird

  • Starting at the far shallow end, fly through the desert canyon near the storm in record speed!
  • Act  1

When the first storm comes to an end and the game puts you back in control, turn around and head towards the storm. We’re not going into the storm but instead are going to head into the start of the canyon, but you’ll need to fly down into the canyon and go all the way through it as fast as you can. After you exit out of the canyon you’ll unlock Max Speedbird.

Premeditated Murder

  • Accumulate a legendary flock of crows by the vane tower
  • Act 1

Summon the flock of crows and fly through the vane to get the Premeditated Murder trophy. In order to summon the flock, you will first need to perch land on all five windsocks.

  • Windstock #1 can be found through the Ruins of Ambition trophy
  • Windstock #2 can be found on the vane ruins located near a cliff ledge
  • Windstock #3 can be found within the lake south of the vane
  • Windstock #4 can be found within the Habitat trophy unlock
  • Windstock #5 Can be found in a lake north of the vane

Summit Fan

  • As a child, get to the top of the highest hill in the desert.
  • Act 1

When you reach the area of Act 1 where you free the crows stuck in the cave you need to go back to the first shutter and move the steel box over to reach the platform above. Afterward, you’ll reach a platform that you can push over and exit into the desert. You’ll need to head left and ascend the stairs up to the hill. From there you just need to follow the pathways and continue to reach the top of the hill which will take several minutes of running along with climbing. After you reach the top of the hill you’ll earn the Summit Fan trophy, but remember you can’t transform into the bird during this trophy.

Professional Block

  • Be the first to leave the base of the Tower
  • Act 4

After Convoy in Act 4, you’ll be on top of a mountain base with other individuals and your goal is to reach the doorway first. Grab the mask from the center of the mountain and use the triangle button to create a pathway to reach the doorway.


  • Take a leap of faith towards a new beginning
  • Act 4

When you reach the area where you are controlling a cloaked person you will need to avoid walking to the center. Instead, go to the left and fall of the cliff to unlock the Migration trophy and ending.


  • Give yourself to the Gold
  • Act 4

The Sacrifice trophy is the complete opposite of the Migration trophy. All you need to do is walk into the center of the room for the Sacrifice ending and trophy.


  • Time lurches forward and the world begins to change…
  • Act 1

Earned after completing Act 1.

Silver Trophies

Ruins of Ambition

  • Ruins of a large tower at the center of the world.
  • Act 1

When you’re first able to get control of the crow you need to proceed north and fly across the water. You’ll eventually come across a rock tower with a place to land which will unlock Ruins of Ambition.

Cave Station

  • Remnants of machinery in the dark
  • Act 1

Fly across the water and seek out a cave on the side of a mountain. You need to fly through the cave until you reach the stairs where you can land on and collect the Cave Station trophy.


  • Traces of a civilization beneath the crust
  • Act 1

Head past the tower from the Ruins of Ambition trophy we posted above and you’ll come across a canyon where you can land and claim the trophy.


  • The machinery of the world rumbles back to life
  • Act 1

Gather five flocks and move towards the wings of the vane perch in order to cause it to move.


  • Don the mask. Ascend the Tower.
  • Act 4

Ascension is a pretty straight forward trophy to acquire. Once you have the mask, you will need to simply make your way up the tower. After you reach the top you’ll be rewarded with the trophy.

Storm Chaser

  • Explore the depths of the storm circling the world
  • Act 3

After you reach the point of the game where you have freed your friends and are within the storm you’ll have to maneuver a large gold ball. Simply move it along the pathway into the glowing area to earn the Storm Chaser trophy.


  • Open the way for your friends.
  • Act 3

The Convoy trophy is another straightforward puzzle for players to get as they progress through the game. Players will need to roll the ball down the center, activate it and then cross over the bridge. Afterward, you will need to reach the gate and push it down.


  • The gold does more than glimmer in the desert…
  • Act 1

This is a trophy you’ll have to get as you progress the game. All you need to do is enter the gold area to transform.

The Tower

  • The Tower stands tall and massive against the Storm
  • Act 3

At the end of Act 3, you’ll have to push a ball across a bridge where you can either go straight or veer right. You’ll need to go right and then proceed the pathway and reach the end of the pathway with the ball where it can’t go any further because of a barrier. Now activate the ball then head back to the stairways you passed and go through the pathway until you reach the tower where you will earn the trophy.


  • Echoes of a familiar place
  • Act 3

Right after you earn the Vane trophy, fly over to the purple door and keep flying until you see the next perch. Fly on to the perch and you’ll earn the Echoes trophy.


  • A memory of where things started to turn
  • Act 3

Towards the beginning of Act 3, you will need to fly off the bridge once the ball is pushed through the doorway. Fly off and go towards the right of the tower and head down to the middle perch. Once you land on it you’ll earn the Vane trophy.