Vane: How To Get Both Endings | Sacrifice & Migration Endings Guide

Vane is a weird little game. A mix of Journey, Inside, and other atmospheric adventure games like Abzu, Vane is all about the strange experience of exploring its dire world. There’s a whole lot of amazing stuff to find, and two endings to check out. The endings boil down to a simple choice — and thanks to a very generous chapter select, you’ll be able to quickly re-experience both choices. You might not even be aware that there is a choice.

Below, I’ll explain exactly how to get both endings, and you’ll find an embedded video, jumping straight to the enigmatic ending. Naturally, there are huge spoilers ahead, so stop right now if you’re interesting in playing this very strange, mysterious little adventure platformer. It’s worth the trip if you’re all about these kinds of games — like me.

How To Get Both Endings | Sacrifice & Migration Endings Guide

To watch different endings, go to [Scene Select] -> [Act 4] to quickly retrace your steps and try a different ending. Each ending will earn you a specific trophy.

  • Sacrifice Ending: At the end of Act 4, you’ll encounter a massive gold orb at the end of the path. Wait in the line of masked figures, and you’ll be able to swoop underneath the gold orb and sacrifice yourself. Press [Triangle] to sacrifice yourself.
  • Migration Ending: There’s an alternate ending to the left of the giant orb. Go to the long balcony, left of the orb, and step off the ledge to fall instead of sacrificing yourself. This is the second and only other ending to Vane.

The ending is basically all about two options for the hero. You either sacrifice yourself to sustain the valley and stop the storm, or you transform into a bird and escape, migrating to a hopeful new beginning somewhere far away. Both are valid endings, and completing both will earn you the “Sacrifice” trophy and the “Migration” trophy.