Journey Community Arranges Fan Meet-Up to Celebrate Game’s Fifth Anniversary

When we say time flies, we mean it. Who would have thought it’s been five years since thatgamecompany’s launched their breath-taking and compelling title, Journey.

To celebrate the game’s fifth anniversary, fans of the title went to the game’s official forums to arrange a meet-up event. All you have to do is to be online on PS3 and PS4 at the time mentioned in the announcement, to try and relive the moments that made Journey this unique.

“Come dressed as you want (but full whites obviously can’t meet a 1st reddie), do what you want, just follow the normal Journey/Forum philosophy of being sensitive to your Companion’s style – you may meet a real newbie!

“All you have to do is jump down from the Broken Bridge entrance at the Event start time with no spans built and see who you get.”

Thatgamecompany is currently working on a new title, however, it’s still without a name. The studio calls it “thatnextgame” as of now, but it looks promising according to the pictures we have seen so far. The company is also hiring new individuals to help them bring the game to life, so make sure to apply if you think you can do the job.