Explore Everything Under the Sea in ABZÛ | Complete Trophy Guide


Discovery and exploration are central themes of Abzu, a swimming simulation that takes your unnamed diver through a dream-like interpretation of the ocean’s beauty. Like Journey before it, Abzu is all about the experience; a meditative and emotional vacation, soaking in the wonders of nature. And even experimental indies like Abzu get trophies.

If you’ve finished Abzu, which doesn’t take much time at all, there’s plenty left to uncover — if you’re interested in absorbing everything Abzu has to offer, we’ve put together a complete guide of step-by-step location guides and walkthroughs to help you 100% all 12 trophies.

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Complete Trophy Guide

  • Breach (Bronze)

“Leap from the water.”

This trophy can be obtained anywhere you can view the surface of the ocean. Dive down, then hold boost to swim toward the top. You’ll breach the surface and leap from the water — do it right in the very first area of the game. If you miss your chance, there are later areas with surfaces you can breach.

  • Ballet (Bronze)

“Perform a flip while riding a creature.”


Most areas of the game contain sea creatures you can ride. Normally, these creatures need to be about the same size as your diver or larger. Find a peaceful creature, and while you hang on, press [Circle] to perform a flip.

Creatures you can ride are common. This can be obtained at just about any point in the game, and you’ll be riding plenty of undersea creatures.

  • Jetstream (Bronze)

“Burst 15 fish schools in the jetstream.”

At certain points of the game, you’ll enter a linear jetstream path that transports your diver from one area to the next. While on the jetstream, there are schools of fish. Simply aim to burst through the clusters of fish. Each time you do, there is a sound and a light that signifies you’ve broken up the school.

There are multiple jetstreams, but you can earn this trophy by the second jetstream if you aim carefully. If you miss it on the second, you can easily get it on the third — all you have to do is hit 15 of the schools.

  • Food Chain (Bronze)

“Witness predation while meditating.”

Predators hunt undersea life naturally while you explore the underwater areas of Abzu. You’re likely to witness predation — a hunter eating a smaller fish — while you explore, but this might not always happen while meditating.

To meditate, you’ll need to find a special meditation statue. The meditation statues are a type of collectible found in each area of Abzu. For help finding these locations, check out the Zen Master trophy guide below.

  • Ecosystem (Silver)

“Release fish from all the hidden pools.”


There are three types of collectibles in Abzu: hidden pools, meditation statues, and secret shells. There are a total of 20 hidden pools — to release fish, press [Square] when you swim near their location.

  • Hidden Pool #1: Chapter 1 – The first pool is found on the ocean floor right at the start. Swim through the hole in the large rock formation, and follow the yellow sand path on the right between the sea weed to  a fork. That’s where you’ll find the hidden pool.
  • Hidden Pool #2: Chapter 1 – From the same large rock formation in the previous entry, follow the yellow path on the left toward the light in the far distance. On the way, watch for brightly lit plants around a “O” shaped hole. All hidden pools look like this, and they stand out from the environment.
  • Hidden Pool #3: Chapter 1 – At the same rock formation, swim directly forward until the rocky ledge drops down and there’s a slightly deeper ocean floor to reach. Once you hit the shift in depth, look left along the ledge to spot this pool.
  • Hidden Pool #4: Chapter 1 – Near the end of the chapter, you’ll reach an area with massive rock spires jutting from the darkness. Swim down to the base of the tower with an “O” shaped hole in the center to spot this pool.
  • Hidden Pool #5: Chapter 2 – Ride the jet stream to arrive at a pink-hued bowl-shaped area. Immediately swim right to find this pool on the sea floor.
  • Hidden Pool #6: Chapter 2 – From the start, go left instead of right to find this pool. A Meditation Statue is visible further ahead.
  • Hidden Pool #7: Chapter 2 – Swim directly through the leaning rock formation and toward the dark cave entrance. Instead of entering the dark cave, swim over it and check out the area above the entrance to discover this hidden pool.
  • Hidden Pool #8: Chapter 2 – At the end of the chapter, you’ll exit the old interior and reach a massive open area with darkness below. Swim ahead (and down) to spot a Meditation Statue, then follow the spire to its base. Near one of the ancient ruins on the sea floor, look for the bright plants signifying a hidden pool.
  • Hidden Pool #9: Chapter 3 – To the left of the ruined ancient bridge, there are two large rocky landings. The lower landing features a hidden pool, just beneath one of the Meditation Statues.
  • Hidden Pool #10: Chapter 3 – Swim across the ruined underwater bridge. Once you reach land, look right. There’s a cliff containing the second hidden pool.
  • Hidden Pool #11: Chapter 3 – Still at the same ruined bridge, dive toward the base of the support pillars and look on the left side of the struts on the ocean floor. That’s where you’ll find the third pool.
  • Hidden Pool #12: Chapter 3 – After activating the chains and opening the exit door, swim through the trench and keep your eyes on the sea floor. The last pool is found not too far from the open chain doors.
  • Hidden Pool #13: Chapter 4 – At the start of the chapter, simply swim forward and stay close to the sea floor to spot this pool.
  • Hidden Pool #14: Chapter 4 – From the first pool, follow the trench path marked with a crashed pyramid drone. The white bones will lead you through the trench where you’ll find another pool.
  • Hidden Pool #15: Chapter 4 – Backtrack to the first pool. Instead of taking the left path, take the right path, also marked with a crashed drone and filled with bones. You’ll run into this hidden pool almost immediately.
  • Hidden Pool #16: Chapter 4 – Entering the final area of this chapter, swim down to the base of the volcanic chutes. Ahead, there’s a huge mouth-shaped opening filled with stalactites and stalagmites. Before swimming through, swim above the opening to check out a jutting rock platform with the final hidden pool.
  • Hidden Pool #17: Chapter 6 – Just as you swim under the stone walkway to the left of the staircase connected to the chains, look down at the sea floor. There’s an easy-to-spot hidden pool beneath the first meditation statue.
  • Hidden Pool #18: Chapter 6 – The first area features a large waterfall on the right. Swim to the sea floor where the waterfall structure meets the ground. There are bones in a lit-up area with the second pool.
  • Hidden Pool #19: Chapter 6 – Reaching the circular rotunda area at the very end of the chapter, turn left to spot this pool near the sea weed stalks.
  • Hidden Pool #20: Chapter 6 – In the same room, turn right and follow the narrow pathway to the second gazebo platform. There’s a pool on the sandy sea bed.

  • Zen Master (Silver)

“Find all the meditation statues.”


There are a total of 12 meditation statues. To ‘find’ these statues, you’ll need to meditate — the statues are shaped like sharks, and are often placed in easy-to-find locations. Like the hidden pools, press [Square] near the statue to begin meditating.

  • Statue #1: Chapter 1 – From the start of the chapter, swim forward until you reach an area where the sea floor drops. Follow the rocky ledges to the right to spot the large meditation statue perched on a high cliff. All meditation statues look like this shark figure, so keep an eye out!
  • Statue #2: Chapter 1 – The second statue is found after using the altar. In the colorful enclosure, swim toward the surface to spot a jutting cliff with the meditation statue.
  • Statue #3: Chapter 2 – After using the jet stream, you’ll arrive at a pink-hued area with a large leaning rocky platform. Past that formation, there’s a dark cave entrance. Turn and look to the left of the cavern to locate this statue.
  • Statue #4: Chapter 2 – Following the altar activation, turn left to see this altar on a high cliff. It’s prominently displayed and should be easy to spot from the altar structure.
  • Statue #5: Chapter 2 – Near the end of the chapter, with the pyramid in sight, swim down straight from the interior structure exit. There’s a tall rock spire with the last statue resting at the very top. It won’t be visible until you swim down into the darkness.
  • Statue #6: Chapter 3 – At the start of the chapter, look on the high rock landings to the left of the ruined bridge. At the top, you’ll find a Meditation Statue right next to a well that leads down to the first secret shell in this chapter.
  • Statue #7: Chapter 3 – Reactivate the altar, and from the structure turn right and look up. Continue to swim upward to find the statue on a cliff overlooking the depths.
  • Statue #8: Chapter 3 – Following the path into the ancient civilization room containing pictographs and images of their buildings that resemble Egyptian hieroglyphs, check the back-right corner of the room before continuing forward.
  • Statue #9: Chapter 4 – From the start of the chapter, swim forward to spot the first hidden pool on the ocean floor. Look slightly left on the rocks above that pool to locate this chapter’s first statue.
  • Statue #10: Chapter 4 – Exiting the cave, you’ll reach a large open water area with volcanic chutes. Swim down to the sea floor — straight down from the cave exit. The statue is located on the sea bed, in the center of the volcanic chutes.
  • Statue #11: Chapter 6 – Right where the chapter begins, swim under the ancient bridge to enter the larger chamber and immediately turn right. There’s a platform with the first statue overlooking the rest of the room.
  • Statue #12: Chapter 6 – Starting from the last room of the chapter, swim right to the platform with a gazebo. The shark statue is clearly visible at the edge.

To keep track of your Zen Master progress, enter the pause menu and select Meditation to see if you’ve missed any statues.

  • Reflection (Silver)

“Complete the adventure.”

This trophy will naturally unlock after completing the game and watching the credits. Abzu is very linear, and will show you to the end of the story.

Nothing tricky here. The following are hidden trophies, including the special Collector trophy.

  • Collector (Gold)

“Add all secret shells to your collection.”


Secret Shells are the trickiest collectible to find. There are 19 secret shells; look for large glowing white seashells. Press [Square] to interact and collect — getting all 19 secret shells unlocks a new diving suit for your character.

  • Secret Shell #1: Chapter 1 – From the start, swim through the rock formation and through the sea weed. Past the sea weed straight ahead, you’ll reach a cliff edge. Look under the light gleaning down from the surface for a rock cave — follow the yellow sand pathway in the green.
  • Secret Shell #2: Chapter 1 – After the shark encounter, continue into the narrow cave entrance. It’s a very black fissure in the rock that eventually opens into a large cavern bathed in a navy blue. Continue through the sea weed straight ahead and turn left as you enter another cave chamber.
  • Secret Shell #3: Chapter 1 – Later you’ll reach a massive open area with rocky ‘towers’ — one of these towers features an ‘O’-shaped hole. Swim into the darkness below ahead of this ‘O’-shaped hole with the tower and check near the tower’s base.
  • Secret Shell #4: Chapter 2 – Early in the chapter, you’ll be in the pink fields. Swim to the high (and very simple) platform slightly right as you swim straight forward. It’s plainly visible and easy to spot while exploring.
  • Secret Shell #5: Chapter 2 – While riding the jetstream through the massive cavern filled with endless pillars, you’ll eventually enter a trench, then sweep up. Stick to the left corner of the jetstream to spot the shell on a ledge.
  • Secret Shell #6: Chapter 2 – At the shark meditation statue, swim directly down the back-left corner of the extremely tall rock tower. Once you reach the dark sea floor, look for a cluster of large rocks with ancient vases in the silt. There’s a shell here, between the ancient ruins.
  • Secret Shell #7: Chapter 3 – Swim to the tall rock platform on the left where a huge stone well is located next to a meditation statue. There’s a chain dropped into this well. Dive deep into the well to locate the chapter’s first sea shell.
  • Secret Shell #8: Chapter 3 – Reach the dark cave with the shark statue in the light after opening the large chain door. Normally you’ll continue forward through the fissure. Instead, turn right and ‘U’-turn at the statue, then swim into the thick sea weed. There’s a hidden alcove with the second sea shell.
  • Secret Shell #9: Chapter 3 – At the huge arena-shaped ancient ruin, swim down to the enormous gate at the bottom. There’s a room with windows above this giant door — swim into the small room to discover the last shell for this chapter.
  • Secret Shell #10: Chapter 4 – In the dark region with the rib cage bones littered around the strange inverse pyramid devices, swim left to the jagged, narrow rock jutting toward the water’s surface. Look in between the rib cage bones to discover a shell.
  • Secret Shell #11: Chapter 4 – Swimming through the trench with the wrecked (and flashing) pyramid devices, you’ll eventually reach a smaller cavern hole. Swim inside, then swim up toward the cave ceiling and watch the right rock wall to spot a hidden sea shell.
  • Secret Shell #12: Chapter 4 – In the massive expanse with the incredibly tall pillars, and whales in the darkness, stick near the starting wall and swim directly down until you spot an oddly-shaped rock platform jutting from the steep barrier.
  • Secret Shell #13: Chapter 6 – Near the start of the chapter, swim past the first set of stone stairs and surface. Look for another set of stairs that you can reach from the water’s edge. Climb up and climb the steps to get your shell.
  • Secret Shell #14: Chapter 6 – In the same area, swim to the right side of the chamber where there’s a waterfall. Climb onto the man-made platform sticking out from the waterfall to cross into a hidden room. Dive back into the water covered with lily pads to spot the sea shell in the center of the circular room.
  • Secret Shell #15: Chapter 6 – Continuing into the flooded civilization, you’ll reach another place with a gazebo platform (with six sides) just barely sticking out of the water in the center. It is topped with yellow trees. Check under the gazebo itself to grab the shell.
  • Secret Shell #16: Chapter 7 – Look to the geometric outer walls of the area with the Great White Shark. There’s a high ledge outside the water that you can’t reach just by climbing out of the water. Instead, you’ll need to breach the surface of the water with a boost jump to get onto the platform containing one of the last shells. Or, you can simply swim and wait near the shell itself — after a few moments, you’ll collect it.
  • Secret Shell #17: Chapter 7 – Just as you leave the geometric rock enclosure and exit into the much wider sea area, turn right. Boost out of the water and look to the high ledges of your former enclosure — there’s a sea shell that’s tough to spot high up on one of the cliff ledges. If you boost close to the shell, it’ll fly into your possession.
  • Secret Shell #18: Chapter 7 – Ahead you’ll see the last giant pyramid glowing in the distance. Instead of going for it, turn left and swim to a floating glacier island. Climb out and look next to the resting polar bear to get the penultimate sea shell. You’ll also gain the ‘Arctic Explorer’ trophy.
  • Secret Shell #19: Credits – This shell is visible during the credits. After a minute or two, the screen will pan right to reveal the final shell. Just swim over and grab it to complete your collection.

With all secret shells found, access the ancient civilization doors to gain a new diving suit for your character.

  • Kraken (Bronze)

“Discover those that lurk in the abyss.”

Explore the depths to discover the giant Kraken in Chapter 4 or Chapter 7. What the trophy doesn’t say is that you also need to ride the behemoth undersea creature. Grab on and ride for a short time and the trophy will pop.

The Kraken makes an appearance in Chapter 4, or during the sequence with the Great White Shark in Chapter 7.

  • Connection (Bronze)

“Ride the Great White Shark.”

The Great White Shark appears in Chapter 7, after activating the sphere in the center of the blue underwater chamber and reaching the shark’s hunting grounds. Here, all you need to do is swim toward the shark and grab on to go for a ride. Do this before leaving the section.

  • Leviathan (Bronze)

“Breach the water on the back of a blue whale.”


Also in Chapter 7, near the end of the chapter you’ll need to find the sparking pyramids. Break them all in sequence and you’ll end up in a very large area with the final pyramid device — this one’s larger than the rest. Going through the final pyramid device will take you to a new area. Before swimming into it, look down at the lower sections of this last chamber.

Down below, you should be able to spot multiple blue whales. These massive creatures are slow enough to grab — they need to breath oxygen, hold on and ride until the whale needs to surface. They’ll swim toward the top and breach the water.

You’ll get to experience a short cutscene of the event. When it’s all over, your trophy will appear.

  • Arctic Explorer (Bronze)

“Discover the polar region.”

Once again, this is found in Chapter 7. In the same area where you found the blue whales (and breached the water while riding one) — follow the pyramid devices until you reach the large open area in the glacier walls. Just as you arrive in the whale section, turn left.

In the distance, there’s an island made of ice peaking out from the surface. Watch for the bottom of the tiny glacier and swim toward the polar area populated by penguins. Climb out and collect the secret shell to earn your last hidden trophy. Look near the sleeping polar bear to find the shell. The island is unique on the surface, and its easy to spot once you see it.

That’s everything you’ll need to explore in Abzu to earn 100% trophy completion. With that done, you’re free to experience the beauty of this artistically designed and graceful exploration game without all these challenges to get in the way.

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