The 35 Best Stealth Games of All Time

The defining feature of a stealth title is that the player is encouraged to stay hidden in the shadows, which is obviously very different from how most action games are played. There’s no running and gunning and players are definitely encouraged to stay out of sight instead of going up in head-to-head battles against their opponents.

The player can choose whether to sneak up behind enemies or take them out with one hit, usually sapping them instead of killing them outright, with the damage increased by a factor of surprise. Even avoiding enemies and bypassing them completely is an option when the game’s objectives revolve around getting from point A to point B instead of killing everything along the way. 

Many stealth games score the player on various measures of stealthy play after each level, like how often the character was detected, or how many enemies were dispatched. With this criteria in mind, we take a look at some of the best stealth games of all time.

#35 We Happy Few
  • Developer: Compulsion Games
  • Publisher: Gearbox Publishing

We Happy Few is an indie survival horror video game that comes from developers Compulsion Games, previously known for their release of Contrast. Overall, within the game, players are set in an alternative timeline in Europe where citizens are forced to consume a daily drug, hindering them away from the realities of the world.

The game will feature protagonists who have refused to take the drug causing them to see the corruption and horror within the world. Now as they venture out to solve their own mysteries they’ll have to carefully stay under the radar to avoid bringing unwanted attention.

There’s even a permadeath option if you’re feeling lucky and want a real challenge going through the game, but again, it’s an option that you don’t have to take on.

#34 Tenchu: Shadow Assassins
  • Developer: Acquire, FromSoftware
  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Platforms: Wii, PSP
  • Release: February 5, 2009

Released a decade after the first Tenchu for both the PSP and the Nintendo Wii, Tenchu: Shadow Assassins is the fourth game in the series and one which retains the series’ roots of being a stealth-action game.

Shadow Assassins allows players to take control of two characters, feautring an over-the-shoulder camera perspective. Set across 10 missions, players can choose to opt for stealth or engage their enemies in open combat using martial arts skills.

#33 Volume
  • Developer: Mike Bithell Games
  • Publisher: Mike Bithell Games
  • Platforms: PC, PS4
  • Release: August 15, 2015

In the past year, Mike Bithell, creator of the critically acclaimed Thomas Was Alone, released a new stealth-action game called Volume. In it, players take on the role of Locksley, who commits his crimes through stealth. He sneaks, he distracts, and avoids. Never to be seen and seldom heard, Locksley blackjacks, bugles, and thunderclaps his foes with a wide arsenal of gadgets at his disposal. The game has a hundred challenging and exciting environments, and every area of the game can be remixed, added to, and expanded upon with the community getting free rein over the game’s direction.

This stealth simulation type game takes its cues from Metal Gear Solid, offering a top down third person view of the action as the player attempts to make their way through a myriad of hazards and unique guards and enemies.

#32 Styx: Shards of Darkness
  • Developer: Cyanide
  • Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO
  • Release: March 14, 2017

Styx: Shards of Darkness is a stealth focused video game developed by Cyanide. Set as the third installment to the Of Orcs and Men series, players will take on the role of protagonist Styx. Overall, the narrative goal of the game is to infiltrate the Dark Elven city of Korangar in order to discover the reason between the new alliance of dark elves and dwarves.

If you enjoyed previous installments to Styx then you’ll find most of the gameplay elements have returned in this latest release. Styx will be able to turn invisible briefly, lay down traps and even clone himself in order to take out nearby enemies.

#31 Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
  • Developer: Sanzaru Games
  • Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Platforms: PS3, PS Vita
  • Release: February 5, 2013

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time is the latest title in the series and one which builds upon the premise of the three previous titles without changing too much about what made the series popular in the first place.

Playable on both the PlayStation Vita and the PlayStation 3, Thieves in Time, Thieves in Time is a strong return to form for the series and one that has a strong place in any list of games—not just this one.