Best Minecraft Xbox 360 Seeds

TU11 Seeds

Seed: guess wot? poop

For players who really like a challenge, this seed will provide you with 7 mushroom islands.

Seed: 8310647020406706875

Here’s a seed with a large swamp biome. Perfect if you’re looking to make an everglades type game.

Seed: c27j83

This map has the smallest winter biome we’ve seen and is full of awesome scenery.

Seed: shellacked

This seed is home to what its creator refers to as “The Blue Cave,” a massive ravine complex that stretches for miles and is full of waterfalls. The floors are made of lava and obsidian.

Seed: mjolnir

Here’s a seed that’s described as one of the hardest survival maps ever discovered. It has all the right ingredients for terror.

Seed: The Gods Must Be Crazy

This particular seed creates an archipelago of islands, and is perfect for anyone interested in island-hopping or for starting up a would-be game of Far Cry.

Seed: -2061630068 

The -is included. A bunch of villages, home to two blacksmiths, easy access to dungeons and easily mined rare materials.

Seed: -1623773494

The -is included. Blacksmith shop  directly behind the spawn point with some neat materials and a ton of villages all around.

Seed: goldbar7 

Yes, a random word with a number. Dig down directly at the spawn point to find a stronghold.