Best Minecraft Xbox 360 Seeds

  • Note: Depending on the version your Minecraft is running on may alter some of the results from the seeds listed below.
  • Note: The seed code will be bold.

Minecraft’s world generation is a fairly random affair. In the background, the almost limitless game world is created based on intricate algorithms. But, a fact that few people know, the basic code the world is based on, what is called the seed, is just a few characters long. By default, the game grabs the current system time as the basic input for the starting values of a world and runs with that. However those seeds can be influenced, they can be copied and pasted into Minecraft’s underlying code (joking, we all know Minecraft runs on fairy dust), and thus renders the players able to go and recreate worlds.

On the myriad of Minecraft forums and wikis and websites out on the web, the community has started collecting the best and most interesting seeds. Here we present a selection of outstanding seeds you can use to create the most stunning Minecraft worlds.

It is just a  small collection you can use to create some interesting “naturally occurring” Minecraft worlds in Minecraft 360. Remember, Minecraft has about 380 trillion unique and different worlds. This is really just a small selection.

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Latest Seeds


If you’re looking for a new seed that can deliver a really solid survival island then check into this seed. You’ll find a wide variety of goods to make use of from diamonds, a library, shipwrecks and more. If you’re wanting a highlight, check out some areas worth exploring down below.


  • 91,12,204


  • 317,46,-206
  • 67,54,81

Ocean Monument

  • 169,67,124

Zombie Spawner

  • 14,33,-402
  • -384,50,244

Spider Spawner

  • -403,21,265
  • -341,19,244



If you’re after a seed that has everything generated then you may want to give this one a shot. It’s a pretty filled seed where you’ll have access to pretty much everything besides the ocean monument. With some of the older consoles lacking the ability to create larger worlds that we may be used to, then this seed could be ideal for everyone or at least one generated and saved for a gameplay sessions later on.

Woodland Mansion

  • -218,249

Witch Hut

  • 53,251


  • 200,278

Ocean Ruin

  • 334,45,194


  • 360,66,233


  • 312,49,-247


  • 116,-431

Abandoned Mineshaft

  • 73,46,-427



This seed has two woodland mansions and villages relatively close to each other. It’s a nice little seed with some resources available from the designated locations we listed below. However, it’s also featuring most of the biomes as well.

Woodland Mansion

  • 71,286
  • -342,-220 (diamonds)


  • -193,305
  • -152,91



Here’s a great little seed if you want a survival island experience. This seed has multiple shipwrecks and ocean monuments if you’re able to build out and venture to the locations.

Ocean Monuments

  • -282, 62, 200
  • -199, 62, -232,
  • 70, 62, 72


  • -312, 40, -239
  • 198, 48, 262



This seed has multiple villages, a desert temple, stronghold and a mineshaft. For a more standard Minecraft experience to enjoy, you can’t really go wrong with this seed.

Stronghold / Mineshaft

  • 19, 67, 256

NPC Village

  • 15, 81, 257



Looking for a seed that features a nice mixture of both desert and woodland then check out this one. It has a number of areas of interest as well including Woodland Mansions, a Desert Village and a number diamond locations.

Woodland Mansions

  • -93, 73, -122
  • -80, 64, 81
  • 225, 66, 112
  • 73, 71, -287

Desert Village

  • -250, 79, -396


  • -13, 14, 221
  • 8, 12, 242
  • -9, 12, 237



This seed is a great option if you’re looking for a survival game with a village. In fact, this seed contains four villages combined. Likewise, there is in fact a blacksmith available within this massive village It’s worth noting that the image supplied from the source is not correct, but you will find a map that’s focused around towns. From the spawn location, you will need to follow the river in order to find the village location.



This seed is pretty unique and an interesting find. If you head to the following coordinates, 9, 139, 132, you’ll find that there is two Woodlaned Mansions that spawned together.



This seed is great as it has just about everything you could want in a game. You’re going to find fourteen villages, a stronghold, six mineshafts and at least five dungeons.

  • Ocean Ruins: -1859, 39, 33
  • Desert Temple: 779, 73, 1224
  • Mineshaft: -969, 63, 523
  • Village: 5, 66, 386
  • Village: 181, 65, 930
  • Village: 21, 65, 930