Best Minecraft Xbox 360 Seeds

Seed: Bandaar

A huge desert with three villages in close distance to one another and a giant ravine nearby.

Seed: -1575046814

Mid sized survival island with a sizeable underworld and the possibility to escape to different biomes on neighboring islands.

Seed: 1137733215

Giant cave system with an underground stronghold.


In allcaps. Try for a world with no trees. Almost. Extra credits for anyone able to survive here for long.

Seed: 1176972

Find some whacky, ying yang shaped islands here to build your fortress of solitude.

Seed: -848195197

A world that features a ton of surface dungeons in a big desert.

Seed: 7625763599575718302

Spawnpoint within a village within quite interesting surroundings, a mushroom biome just right next door.

Seed: -4481378163007594740

How about some quite massive mountains and giant, expansive plains and deserts? End portals right next door? Try this one.