Best Minecraft Xbox 360 Seeds

TU16 Seeds

Seed: 13140

Jungle Temple, villages and Diamonds.

TU15 Seeds

Seed: 3077009525827817119

Desert Temple in a Jungle. Also 6 villages and a massive ravine with tonnes of gear in it.

Seed: 11111611112

A custom minecraft seed.

TU14 Seeds

Seed: -6120648606982687686

This is an amazingly fun seed: 2 Jungle Temples, 1 Desert Temple, 2 Large Villages (one desert and one plains) and 4 smaller villages.

Seed: 540 930 465 830 201 968

This is an amazing superflat seed: 15 Obsidian (Nether AND enchanting access), 8 Diamond (Enchantment table access, but you must break or trade for a bookshelf first), 4 Iron (Bucket for Lava/Water -> Cobblestone Generator access), 5 Oak Saplings (The key to sustainability), 3 Gold Ingots (no real use yet, but gold is sustainable through Zombie Pigmen on this seed), Iron Chestplate and assorted food

Seed: hosting

Water world seed with Mushroom Biome islands.

Seed: 643303722674891496

Jungle and Desert Temple Minecraft seed

Seed: 2278330216911135121

2 Desert Temples