Wolfenstein 2: Captain Wilkins DLC – All Weapon Upgrades Locations Guide

Enhance your arsenal in the final DLC for Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. There are six weapon upgrades to find in the three volumes of ‘The Amazing Deeds of Captain Wilkins’ and all of them are going to help you take down the Nazi menace in America.

Shifting focus to US Army Captain Wilkins, this old soldier takes his fight to the Alaskan territory to defeat a new, super-powered weapon. Armies of Nazis stand in Wilkins’ way as  he shoots, stabs, and explodes through three chapters — there are two weapon upgrades in each ‘volume’, and not all of them are so easy to find. Check out the full list of locations and browse through the gallery for extra help locating each missing upgrade.

All Weapon Upgrades Locations Guide

Instead of unlocking upgrades with points, you’ll have to find individual weapon upgrades in the Gunslinger Joe DLC. Weapon upgrades will enhance a particular weapon — usually the same weapon you’ll find sitting next to the weapon case. 


Volume 1

  • Weapon Upgrade #1: SMG Silencer — Find the silencer in the control room, at the top of the very first room in Volume 1. Use the stilts to reach the top of the containers, then up and into the control room balcony. The upgrade is on a desk between the monitor banks.
  • Weapon Upgrade #2: Assault Rifle Scope — The sniper mod for the assault rifle is located in the room near the first officer spawn point. On the first floor of the control room, look on the desks across from the large bunker door, near where the super soldier first spawns.

Volume 2

  • Weapon Upgrade #1: Shotgun Magazine — Easily visible from the vent exit, when you first enter the warehouse room. It’s on the top of the center shelves — clear the room and the stilts will help you get it.
  • Weapon Upgrade #2: Grenade Pistol Springloader — This one can’t be missed. After killing both officers in the train yard, pull the switch to open the gate opposite the control room. The upgrade is in the hallway where two super soldiers emerge.

Volume 3

  • Weapon Upgrade #1: Shotgun Ricochet — This upgrade is hidden and easy to miss. At the start of the mission, sneak past the first two soldiers and look for a vent to the left. Open it and go through to find this shotgun upgrade.
  • Weapon Upgrade #2: SMG Magazine — The last upgrade is in the third officer stealth area. Enter the office to the left near the first officer, and look in the upper-left corner to find this upgrade.

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