Wolfenstein 2: Captain Wilkins DLC – All Maps & Notes | Collectibles Guide

Read up on the history of Alaska and find a few maps to help you navigate the three Nazi installations you’ll explore in the final DLC for Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. It’s an ugly world out there, and you can learn more about the story and characters populating conquered Anchorage with these hidden readables. There are eight in each level, including a single map.

The notes, e-posts, and newspaper articles reveal tiny tidbits on the state of the alternate-reality US. Taken over by the Third Reich, Captain Wilkins joins old (and new) allies in his quest to destroy the Sun Gun, the latest Nazi superweapon. If you read the notes, you’ll learn about mysterious Nazi spy The Owl, the evil luxury-loving general behind the project, and the state of “modern” alternate reality Anchorage. It’s kind of fun! And there’s an achievement / trophy in the mix.

All Maps & Notes | Collectibles Guide

Maps and notes / documents appear in every level of the Captain Wilkins DLC. Maps unlock full, viewable routes for your current level, while notes / documents are just for fun, and expand on the in-game lore. 


Volume 1

  • Note #1: In the submarine bay, use the stilts to climb on top of the first barrier of shipping containers. In the area ahead, drop down and look inside an open container you just walked across. There’s a hidden stash with a note on the table.
  • Note #2: During the first officer hunt area, go to the control room in the back-left corner. On the first floor, where the super soldier spawns, there’s a desk with a weapon upgrade. The note is right next to the upgrade.
  • Note #3: At the end of the first officer area, you’ll exit through a vent. To the right of the vent, there’s a note on the desk.
  • Note #4: When you first drop down into the hangar area where the first officer is found, stay on the ground floor and look along the right wall. There’s a maintenance tool table under an orange light with a note.
  • Map #1: The first map is found right next to Note #4.
  • Note #5: In the second officer patrol area, look in the center of the chamber for the intel objective. Nearby, there’s a desk with a note.
  • Note #6: On the second floor of the second officer patrol area, look on one of the two L-shaped desks near the railing.
  • Note #7: On a table in the break room, before leaving the second officer area.
  • Note #8: After using the trucks to reach the upper level of the abandoned surface building, enter the old office and search the first room on the right. There’s a note inside.

Volume 2

  • Note #1: At the start of the mission, use the stilts to reach the upper control room with the large windows above. Along the computer bank, there’s a note on the desk.
  • Map #2: In the area with two officers, reach the yellow-tinted control room where the second officer reside. The map is under a blue board on the right side of the room.
  • Note #2: In the same control room as the map, there’s a note on a computer bank facing the windows.
  • Note #3: After blasting the super cannon, you’ll enter a two-story office with red walls. Look under the walkway to the left, on the first floor to collect an e-post on a swivel chair.
  • Note #4: In the second officer area of this volume, look in the control room with the objective switch. There’s a newspaper to the left of the front entrance.
  • Note #5: To the right of the second cannon controls — grab it right before or after attempting to blast the second super cannon.
  • Note #6: After being betrayed, a door will open leading to a locker room. Grab the newspaper from the bench on the left said, between the lockers.
  • Note #7: In the second room while escorting the ammo, look to the right of the tracks on the ground floor. There’s a computer terminal with a note on the floor.

Volume 3

  • Map #3: The final map is found right as you enter the sub. From the starting point, step off the catwalk and look down.
  • Note #1: The first note is located in the small corner office where the first officer of the mission patrols. It’s on a terminal, in the corner room.
  • Note #2: Left of the exit vent, after clearing out the two Nazi officers in the mini-sub bay.
  • Note #3: In the torpedo bay, or the second officer area, there’s a small lit seating area to the left as you use the stilts to climb into the bay.
  • Note #4: Once again, there’s a note to the left of the exit vent. Look for it as you leave the torpedo bay — the second officer stealth area.
  • Note #5: In the third officer area, look for a small office to the left. The e-post is on the desk.
  • Note #6: This note is on a table opposite the vent exit from the third officer stealth area.
  • Note #7: Find this newspaper in the ballroom. It’s on the right side of one of the red table placements.
  • Note #8: In the ballroom, enter the back-left side-room. The e-post is sitting on a trashcan, to the right of the elevator.

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