Call of Duty: WW2 Zombies – How To Pack-A-Punch In Grousten Haus | Secrets Guide

The tiny Zombies survival map, Grousten Haus, doesn’t seem to offer many benefits for a first-time Call of Duty: WW2 player. You’ll find a few weapons, a random Perk machine, and an Armor Station. That’s about it — of course, die-hards already know about the secret Mystery Box room on the second floor, but now crazed Zombies fans have discovered yet another Easter egg on this pint-sized map. Yes, you can get Pack-A-Punch’d weapons.

No, there isn’t a Weapon Upgrade Station in the miniature confines of Grousten Haus. Instead of upgrading your weapons through a convoluted Easter egg quest to unlock an Upgrade Station, you’ll instead follow a bunch of convoluted Easter egg steps to unlock an upgraded Mystery Box that rewards you with an automatically-upgraded arsenal. It’s a pretty good trade, but you’ll have to save up plenty of points to make it happen.

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How To Pack-A-Punch In Grausten Haus | Secrets Guide

Upgraded, Pack-A-Punch’d weapons can be acquired in Grousten Haus — but it isn’t easy. It takes an unlocked Mystery Box and a whole bunch of extra points, but it’s the best way to stay alive the longest. If you want to kill Zombies faster and longer, you’re going to need this weird Easter egg.

Step #1: Unlock the Mystery Box

To get started, you’ll need to unlock the Mystery Box room. If you don’t know how that works, you need to shoot all 10 lanterns on the map. Eight lanterns are indoors, and two very-tricky lanterns are located outside the house.


  • Lantern Locations:
    1. On the wooden column in the center of the 1st floor main room.
    2. On the wooden column near the stairs in the 1st floor main room.
    3. On the German truck hood outside, through the window at the base of the stairs in the 1st floor main room.
    4. Hanging from the ceiling in the 1st floor kitchen.
    5. Above the dining room table in the 1st floor kitchen.
    6. Outside, through the window to the left of the kitchen counters. [Check the gallery.]
    7. To the left of the armor station, on the second floor.
    8. On the table, opposite the armor station on the second floor.
    9. Hanging on the corner to the right of the locked Mystery Box door.
    10. Hanging in the second floor room above the living room.

Put a bullet in all 10 lanterns and the doors to the Mystery Box will open up on the second floor.

Step #2: Put the Jack-In-The-Box On the Beam

Next, you’ll need to get a Jack-In-The-Box from the Mystery Box. This is a common roll, and typically appears within 5 rounds — you’re almost guaranteed to get one by Round 10. Now comes the tricky part.

Find the wooden beam in the second floor room with the random Perk machine. Face the window / top of the stairs in the second floor room outside the Mystery Box. Look at the window, then look up at the central beam with the hanging lantern — aim to throw the Jack-In-The-Box on the wooden beam where it meets the wall on the left side.

If you can manage to land the Jack-In-The-Box on the wooden beam, you’ll be able to complete the last step.

Step #3: Spend 10,000 Points on the Piano

Collect 10,000 points — it takes time, but you’ll need that many points to complete the last step of this Easter egg and unlocked Pack-A-Punch’d weapons. Kill zombies until you get 10,000 points, then find the piano in the room outside the Mystery Box.

Hold interact [Square / X] at the piano to spend 10,000 points. No prompt will appear, but if the points disappear from your stack, you’ll know this step is complete.

And that’s it! Now every weapon you roll at the Mystery Box will be automatically Pack-A-Punch’d. There is no Pack-A-Punch in Grousten Haus, so instead of unlocking a Weapon Upgrade Station, you’ll just have to upgrade the Mystery Box instead. Enjoy! Staying alive until Round 20 will be much, much easier now.