Call of Duty: WW2 Zombies – How to Get the ‘Classic’ PPSh | Secrets Guide

Nazi Zombies, the wacky and weird survival mode included in Call of Duty: WW2 was originally conceived by Treyarch, the developers of Call of Duty: World At War as a little extra. It’s since spun-off into a selling point in the long-running franchise, and each entry includes a new Zombies map — and the map DLC always throws in a few more, complete with complex Easter egg quests.

Why am I explaining all this? Because ‘The Final Reich’, the Nazi Zombies map included in Call of Duty: WW2 features a pretty cool Treyarch Easter egg. As we all know, the Russian SMG the PPSh can be found in the base game, and you can even purchase it from wall buy stations. But, there’s another, almost identical version that’s a much closer match to the original weapon found in Call of Duty: World At WarThe Classic. Here’s how to grab this cool little gun. It’s surprisingly involved.

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How to Get the ‘Classic’ PPSh | Secrets Guide

The ‘Classic’ PPSh is a souped-up version of the normal PPSh you can purchase from a wall buy station in ‘The Final Reich’ and is much closer to the old, World At War version. What’s the difference?

  • It’s called ‘The Classic’
  • It has a 70 / 115 round drum magazine. (Standard, it can be upgraded to hold even more bullets.)
  • It shoots much, much faster than the standard PPSh.
  • After upgrading it with the Weapon Upgrade Station, it’s called the ‘Babushka’ PPSh.

It’s a nifty gun, and there are three steps you’ll likely need to accomplish to actually get your hands on this thing. We’ve tested lots of different versions, but it’s not entirely clear what it requires to unlock it. Here’s our best guess.


  • How to Unlock the ‘Classic’ PPSh
    • Complete the casual Easter egg quest at least once. [This may not be required.]
    • Interact with four money bowls found around the map.
    • Use the Mystery Box until the ‘Classic’ PPSh appears. It may take many, many tries.

The central step of these Easter egg is finding and interacting with four money bowls. These are small ceramic bowls on the ground, and interacting with them will drop some cash into the bowl. Here’s where to find all four bowls.

  • Money Bowl Locations:
    1. Riverside: In the statue area, on the ledge with the metal fence and sandbags, to the left of a spotlight.
    2. Morgue: On the floor, enter the main area from the Command Room and stick to the right wall. The bowl is at the corner,
    3. Village Square: In front of the shop near the burning tank trap.
    4. Pub: Near the broken-down wall, at the base of a table.

Drop 250 points into each bowl, and you’ll (eventually!) get the Classic PPSh. It’s a cool little weapon, and if you found those strange money bowls and had no idea what they were for — well, now you know.

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