NioH PC Update 1.21.01 Fixes Multiple Bugs

NioH: Complete Edition recently released on PC finally bringing the samurai action that console players have had for a couple of months to master race. While the game has only been out for 2 days now, the port already has an update fixing a couple bugs. Here’s what update 1.21.01 changes:

– Fixed a bug in which save data would not be properly saved if your username contained one or more double-byte characters.
– Fixed a bug in which launcher settings would not be saved if you had not previously launched the game before.
– Fixed a bug relating to the “Glory Contributed” rankings in clan battles.
Rankings will be reset, but your original amount of Glory will be uploaded to the server the next time you acquire Glory.

So far, the reviews on Steam have been overall positive, most players have stated that the game has been correctly optimized and runs pretty smoothly. One of the biggest lacks of the title, however, is the lack of keyboard and mouse support (yes, you’ll need an Xbox controller) aswell as cutscenes capped at 30FPS.

NioH: Complete Edition includes the base game and all it’s DLC, it’s currently out now for PC and PS4.