Call of Duty: WW2 Zombies – How To Survive Until Round 20 | Glausten Haus Guide

The tiny Call of Duty: WW2 Zombies map, alternatively labeled ‘Prologue’ or ‘Glausten Haus’, is one tough nut to crack. This is a pure survival map, with very few perks and weapons to help your team stay alive. You’ll have about four rooms and two floors to navigate, and only through hidden unlocks will you be able to live long.

Here, we’re going to drop some tips to help you stay alive until Round 20. If you can manage to live that long, you’ll earn the “Pressure Cooker” achievement / trophy, and take one step closer to 100% completion. It takes nerves of steel to complete this challenge, but with the right tips and tricks, it’s totally possible. As long as you unlock the Mystery Box room.

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How To Survive Until Round 20 | Glausten Haus Guide

If you (and your team) can survive Round 20 in Prologue / Glausten Haus, you’ll unlock the “Pressure Cooker” achievement / trophy. It’s a hard slog, but there are ways to make this challenge a little easier. 

Survival Tip #1: Unlock the Mystery Box Room

To unlock the Mystery Box room on the second floor, you’ll need to shoot 10 lanterns. Two of these lanterns are incredibly tough to find — because they’re located outside the map! You’ll have to look through windows to spot them.

  • 4 Lanterns are Downstairs
  • 4 Lanterns are Upstairs
  • 2 Lanters are Outside

The outside lanterns are both on the first floor. Look through the window at the bottom of the stairs in the living room for one. The other is through the kitchen window, on top of a truck’s hood. Both are very tough to spot, so check out the gallery below for exact locations.


Survival Tip #2: Get the MP-40, Any MG & Lure Bombs

You’ll need plenty of ammo, so it’s unwise to rely on two Mystery Box weapons. Purchase the MP-40 so you can stock up on ammo if you haven’t found a Max Ammo, and keep spinning the Mystery Box until you get a weapon that can plow through zombies. A heavy MG is your best bet.

  • NOTE: The MG / AR should be your primary weapon. When you run out of ammo, grab a new weapon from the Mystery Box.

It also helps to keep spinning with your extra points until you get the Jack-in-the-Box bombs. When thrown, these devices will lure zombies away from you, bunching them up before they explode. It’s perfect for getting you out of a bad situation fast.

Survival Tip #3: Use Lure Bombs & Stock Up On Quick Revives / Armor

Armor and Quick Revives are your only defense in this tiny map. You’ll want to stay stocked up, but don’t waste your points purchasing Armor until you run out — the price increases after every purchase, so you’ll quickly start wasting cash if you re-up before you really need it. The Quick Revive station is also a very important resource, and you’ll want to always have this perk active.

The Jack-in-the-Box bombs are incredibly useful in bad situations. When you’re out of armor, or you’ve just lost your Quick Revive, you can always throw a lure bomb at the undead horde before sprinting to safety and re-upping your perks.

Survival Tip #4: Use the Freefire Ability, Aim For The Head

To make life easier, select Freefire as your main ability. Other abilities are useful, but Freefire might be the best at wiping out zombies quickly, and it can make the otherwise useless MP-40 actually help in the later rounds when zombies are too tough.

As zombies get tougher, and you have no Weapon Upgrade Station, you’ll have to aim for the head to earn quick zombie kills. Freefire, and training the zombies into a large bunch, is the best strategy to wipe out even the toughest late-wave undead.

Survival Tip #5: Learn Zombie Spawns & Lead The Way

Zombies on this map do not spawn randomly. They always spawn in the same places at the same time each round. If you know how their spawns work, you can lead them, create a train, and escape most deadly situations — you won’t have to worry about zombies clawing at your back, at least.

  1. Start on the first floor, and shoot the zombie that spawns at the window in the kitchen.
  2. Run upstairs to the Armor Station and shoot zombies that start coming up the stairs and down the hallway.
  3. Drop down the ledge near Quick Revive (keep shooting so you don’t get trapped by stragglers) and run up the opposite stairs, back to the Armor Station — you’ll want to lead the group of zombies so they form a train.
  4. Return to the ledge near the Quick Revive perk. If you have Freefire, use it now and aim for the head. When they get too close, drop down the ledge again, circle around, and try again. Keep leading the zombie train in circles and shooting from that quick-escape ledge.

That’s the easiest path to victory. You’ll absolutely need to use those second floor ledges to quickly escape zombies and give yourself some space. It’s a tough challenge, but this achievement / trophy is possible with enough patience, even if you’re solo.