Call of Duty: WW2 Zombies – All Recorders Locations | Secret Cutscenes Guide

As if there wasn’t already enough secret stuff to find in Call of Duty: WW2 Zombies — you can also unlock secret messages from Klaus and cutscenes featuring the infamous Dr. Straub. These secret scenes and audio diaries are earned when you collect special recording devices scattered throughout ‘The Final Reich’. Like most super-secret interactable objects on these maps, no prompt will appear when you look at the recorders.

You’ll have to hold down the interact button to pick these suckers up — and finding them is a pretty big hassle, too. You’ll need to search the map for prospective spawn points — sometimes they’ll appear, sometimes they won’t. Keep reloading, retrying, and searching to eventually unlock all the bonus cutscenes. That is, if you’re interested in the lore behind this new Zombies storyline. Admit it, you’re at least a little curious.

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All Recorders Locations | Secret Cutscenes Guide

To unlock secret cutscenes, you’ll need to collect hidden recorder devices in ‘The Final Reich’ — they will always in certain locations around the map. Hold the [Interact] button when looking at the recorder to collect them. A prompt will not appear.


  • Recorder Spawn Location #1: Tower – In the back-right grated window.
  • Recorder Spawn Location #2: Pub – Inside the Pub, on a table under the light.
  • Recorder Spawn Location #3: Village Entrance – On a barrel, to the right of the Quick Revive perk machine.
  • Recorder Spawn Location #4: Village Square – Run up the stairs to the room above the toy display window. Look on the wooden shelves to the right.
  • Recorder Spawn Location #5: Village Square – On a crate beside a German truck. Look at the low crate beside barrels.
  • Recorder Spawn Location #6: Riverside – On a snowy bench at the front of the large stone statue.
  • Recorder Spawn Location #7: Courtyard – Opposite the steps, there are two barrels. The recorder is on those barrels.
  • Recorder Spawn Location #8: Laboratory – On the small wooden folding table, under a standing light next to the armor station.
  • Recorder Spawn Location #9: Emperor’s Chamber – On a wooden table in the back-left corner of the chamber.
  • Recorder Spawn Location #10: Command Room – Opposite the Waste Disposal Vent, on the concrete at the base of the steps, left side.
  • Recorder Spawn Location #11: Morgue – In the projector room, opposite the STG-44 wall buy, on a small wooden desk.
  • Recorder Spawn Location #12: Morgue – Go through the hallway to the left of the Tesla Gun weapon part machine. To the left of the stairs leading down, there’s a table with a recording device.
  • Recorder Spawn Location #13: Sewers – Entering the large Weapon Upgrade Room from the Bunker / Surface, look on the left. There are two green barrels with a wooden box on top. The recorder in on the left corner of the box.

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