Call of Duty: WW2 Zombies – How To Get The Tesla Gun | Wonder Weapon Guide

Unlock all the extra power you’ll need to survive in ‘The Final Reich’ with our step-by-step Wonder Weapon guide, showing you how to get the first powerful gun in Call of Duty: WW2 Zombies. The Tesla Gun is an essential bit of kit that anyone can get their hands on. With enough work, the initial steps of the Easter egg quest are a breeze, even for for solo players. We’ll break them all down below.

The Tesla Gun isn’t just a cool weapon for vaporizing zombies, it’s also required if you want to complete the Casual (or Hardcore) Easter egg quest. You can also upgrade the Tesla Gun into four separate variant versions, each with a unique power and bonus effect. Getting those is a whole lot harder than the Tesla Gun itself. Learn about the Easter eggs and upgrades with the complete list of WW2 Nazi Zombies guides in the link bank below.

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How To Get The Tesla Gun | Wonder Weapon Guide

Follow these steps to unlock the Tesla Gun in ‘The Final Reich’. The Tesla Gun is a Wonder Weapon that can be crafted in the Command Room’s Weapon Forge. You’ll need to unlock the door to the bunker, power on the gates to the Salt Mines, and use the hilt in the Emperor’s Chamber. 


Step #1: Power On The Bunker Door

The first step is simple. Exit the Village Entrance and enter the Village Square. To the right of the central Village Square, you’ll find a large tank with three hoses attached. Follow the hoses to three valves — turn all three valves until the green light turns on. One of the valves is located in the Riverside area. When all three valves are activated, interact with the controller near the sewer grate to activate the pilot light.

That will blow off the grate to the Sewers and spawn several burning zombies. Drop into the Sewers and activate the generator up the muddy path to unlock the massive bunker door in the Village Square. Earn enough points to unlock the bunker door and enter the Command Room.

Step #2: Reach the Emperor’s Chamber

Inside the bunker, earn more points until you can unlock the doors to the Laboratory and the Morgue. Once both doors are unlocked, find the power control switches — they’re located on large gray panels mounted on the wall.

The Morgue power switch is in the back-right of the upper floor, behind the projector room. The Laboratory power switch is in the back-left, up the stairs. After activating one of the power switches, sprint to the second switch and use it before the timer stops. If it resets, just try again.

When the power is reactivated, the doors to the Salt Mine will unlock. Spend points to get inside and explore the Emperor’s Chamber at the bottom.

Step #3: Guard The Hilt & Get The Parts

In the Emperor’s Chamber, interact with the hilt near the giant statue. Kill zombies inside the red circle to slowly raise the hilt until the room floods with light. When it does, exit and interact with the large canopy upstairs, in the center of the Command Room. Use the wheel until the canopy is completely open.

The hilt is now inside the Command Room. Go upstairs and interact with the big red button on the computer banks to disable the power. The lights will go out and a red circle will appear under the hilt, now attached to a rail system. Follow the hilt and kill zombies inside the red circle of light to charge it. It will continue to move on the track to the Laboratory and the Morgue.

Eventually, the hilt will reach a large glowing device inside the Laboratory and the Morgue. Wait 20-30~ seconds and the device will produce a Tesla Gun part.

Step #4: Build the Tesla Gun

Once you have both Tesla Gun parts, one from the Laboratory and one from the Morgue, return to the Command Room with the hilt transfer device. The Burner flamethrower boss zombie will spawn in the Command Room and attack. Retreat and take care of it before returning.

Interact with the Weapon Forge, the large machine in the center of the upper level of the Command Room, then wait. After a short time, the Tesla Gun will appear. Now you can splatter zombies with a true Wonder Weapon. Unfortunately, the Tesla Gun is pretty under-powered in its first form. You’ll have to upgrade to get the true power of the Tesla Gun.