Metroid: Samus Returns – How To Beat Ridley | Last Boss Guide

You didn’t think it would end with the Metroid Queen, did you? While escaping the planet in Metroid: Samus Returns, an old enemy rears its ugly head.

Ridley, one of the Space Pirates bent on using the destructive power of the Metroids for their own evil purposes, launches a surprise attack. Naturally, she’s the toughest boss in the game. You’ll have to defeat three phases, but with the help of your little Metroid friend, this fight is totally beatable. See what you need to know in the complete guide below.

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How To Beat Ridley | Last Boss Guide

After defeating the Queen Metroid, Ridley will attack from the sky and try to capture the last remaining Metroid. The mechanically-enhanced Ridley is a tough opponent, and you won’t have any opportunities to heal. The only way to win is to memorize her moves and avoid taking too much damage.


Phase 1:

To hurt Ridley, aim for the head. Your Plasma Beam will damage her and it’s easy to aim. Rockets can also damage Ridley, but the shots must be much more precise.

In Ridley’s first phase, she uses three attacks — she flies overhead, attacking with her tail if it flashes. Jump quickly to avoid. If her mouth glows, she’ll launch a spread-shot of fireballs. Stand between the fireballs and continue to back away, firing at her.

NOTE: You’ll regain a full meter of Aeion energy between each phase. I recommend turning on the Shield Aeion ability — it’s especially important for certain moves in Phase 2 and 3.

When you’re cornered (or just close to her) she’ll attempt to stomp the ground. When you’re back against the wall, wait for the butt-stomp attack before running underneath her.

Ridley’s skin will slowly turn red until she’s stunned, immediately leading into the next phase. You’ll get a refill of Aeion energy, but no health or missiles.

Phase 2:

At the start of Phase 2, Ridley stays on the ground and slowly moves forward. She’ll attempt a lunging-claw strike that sometimes transitions into a two-hit combo, or she’ll charge her mouth and shoot an energy beam straight forward. Keep shooting at her with Aeion-enhanced Plasma and backing away. When you’re cornered, Space Jump over her.

She’ll begin flying again, and her attacks are much, much deadlier now. Her tail-attack now generates a shockwave on the ground. She’ll also fly across the arena quickly.

NOTE: To avoid taking damage from her screen-wide charge attack, activate your Aeion Shield. You’ll regain a full meter of Aeion between phases. Save it for defense. Or, you can Space Jump over Ridley.

To avoid her annoying flying attacks, stay underneath her and try to bait her into a butt-stomp. She’ll begin crawling again if she stomps the ground.

Phase 3:

The tiny Metroid joins the battle to help Samus! The little critter infuses Samus with about 200 health, or two energy tanks worth. Ridley is much more aggressive — while on the ground, her claw attack is much more powerful. Her fireball hasn’t changed, though.

While flying, Ridley will now fly forward and attempt to grapple Samus. Instead of directly butt-stomping when flying over Samus, she’ll launch fireballs that generate small shockwaves. Run away and use short hops to escape without touching Ridley’s huge hitbox.

NOTE: Right after the little Metroid latches onto Ridley, Ridley will counter-attack with a bite that Samus can Melee Counter. This is the only time you can Melee Counter Ridley.

When she holds out her claws and attempts the grapple attack, roll into a Morph Ball to avoid. The tiny Metroid will help out Samus three times in this fight — after each little Metroid attack, Ridley’s attacks will get faster, but you’ll be one step closer to victory. After the third Metroid attack, Ridley only takes a little more damage to defeat.

And that’s the end of Metroid: Samus Returns. There’s still a huge planet to explore and tons of items to collect on SR388. Go explore and find even more secrets now that you can unlock every hidden area.