Metroid: Samus Returns – How To Beat The Giant Robot | Area 6 Boss Guide

Metroid: Samus Returns isn’t just about the Metroid evolutions. Samus will encounter all sorts of alternative threats with their own gimmicks and strange quirks. One of these encounters is the “Giant Robot” of Area 6 — the deadly Diggernaut. This guy isn’t just a long fight, but it’s not entirely clear how to defeat him in the heat of battle.

If you’re lost and unsure how to handle the Diggernaut, check out the complete guide below with details on all three forms. For more help, you can also check out the Metroid: Samus Returns – Metroid Evolutions Boss Guide to learn how to defeat every alien entity, from Zeta to Omega.

How To Beat The Giant Robot | Area 6 Boss Guide

Encountered in Area 6 after the Omega Metroid, the giant excavation robot, called the “Diggernaut“, is the toughest and longest battle in Metroid: Samus Returns. The mechanical menace comes in three forms, and uses a wide variety of attacks. To beat him, all you need to know are his moves — how to dodge, and how to stay healthy.


Phase 1:

In its first phase, the giant robot stands in the background and uses its huge drilling arms to attack. The driller will thrust its arms forward and then sweep outward and inward — to avoid, use the Space Jump and stay high in the air. When it thrusts both out and sweeps horizontally, use a single simple jump and time it so you can bounce right through the arms.

After that attack, the machine will stick both arms into the ceiling and begin dropping purple balls. Shoot those balls to regain health and missiles!

As a final attack, it will stick it’s head out in the center and spin, shooting out red lasers. Keep moving up and around, shooting the head with missiles as you run underneath it. Rinse and repeat until the bot is stunned. To defeat the easiest form, use the morphball and stick to the flat side of the railings as the gears spin on the arms. Just wait for all three to create a flat line up, then wait at the top until a hole opens to the bottom’s purple light. Bomb the purple light to complete this phase. Things get tougher in round two.

Phase 2:

The Diggernaut will stick its arms into the ceiling and drop even more purple balls from the sky. It will also target Samus with a red beam. Run away from the reticule, aiming up and diagonally to shoot through the falling debris.

When the Diggernaut begins sucking air, roll into a morphball, cling to the floor and drop bombs. It will suck up the bombs, damaging the Diggernaut — it’s a great way to do extra damage, and you’ll need to know how to use this move for the third phase.

The red laser spin attack returns, but this time you’ll have to weave around three lasers instead of two. Keep shooting the head with missiles or use the powerful enhanced shooting Aieon ability for more damage.

When stunned, you’ll need to quickly climb the flat surfaces on the remaining drill arm. The gear switch immediately as a new flat surface appears. Roll up to the first, then second, then third, then wait for an opening to drop down and bomb the last weak point.

Phase 3:

The last phase includes a deadly red laser ability. It will generate lasers and sweep the beams across the arena. Use Space Jump to dodge through the small openings. If you’re having trouble, use the Aieon shield to avoid taking damage.

The Diggernaut will also slam its arms down on the ground, generating purple shockwaves. Stay on the outside, wait for the shockwave in the center, jump, then quickly move into the center when the arms retreat into the background. Don’t try to Space Jump, you’ll still take damage.

The vacuum attack returns. The only way to damage and stun Diggernaut is to drop bombs from your morphball into the vacuum. Do enough damage, and the last phase will begin — the head of the Diggernaut will stick into the foreground. There are three purple spots you need to bomb. Stick to the head and stop at the weakpoints between bursts of electricity. Bomb all three and you’ll complete this tough fight.