There’s Possibly a Seinfeld Game in The Works

Anyone acquainted with Seinfeld, a long-running American sitcom that’s frequently described as “a show about nothing”, might be overjoyed at the project one indie developer is pursuing.

Paradigm creator Jacob Janerka has been working on a Seinfeld side project that features the cast and iconic locations from the television series, all faithfully recreated in pixel art. Much like the Stranger Things tribute by Infamous Quests, it seems to take on the format of typical ‘retro’ point and click adventures.

At this point, there’s been no word on the game’s plot, official title, or how it will be structured, but it’s still early days, and as fans of the series will know, anything is possible. Expect irresistible soup. Pretzels. Unexpected walk-ins from eccentric neighbours. And architects who aren’t really architects.

The project is being created with Unity. You can follow the developer on Twitter to stay on top of all future updates.