Cliffy B Claims To Have Turned Down Working On Silent Hills

Cliffy B
Cliff Bleszinski has stated in an interview he had an opportunity to work on now-cancelled Konami franchise reboot Silent Hills.

As Cliffy B put it, Hideo Kojima himself extended an invitation to Cliffy B, to work with him on his LA studio. Cliffy was flattered, but eventually turned it down for two reasons. He says he does not actually like LA, and he also felt he would have ‘fucked up’ Silent Hills. To this latter point, Cliffy adds he loves new IP.

Silent Hills would have been a huge megaproject for Konami. Not only was Kojima on board, but actor Norman Reedus and director/producer Guillermo Del Toro were attached to the project as well. Furthermore, Del Toro revealed months after the project was shelved that they were also looking to collaborate with horror comics creator Junji Ito. Silent Hills was officially canceled April of last year.

Today, Kojima is working on new projects, even starting a new YouTube channel. He remains friends with Del Toro, who has gone on record that he would still want to work on any project with Kojima.

Cliff Bleszinski is best known for his work under Epic Games, for games including Gears of War and the Unreal series. Cliffy left Epic in October 2012. On August 2015, he revealed his first game with Boss Key Games and Nexon, Project Blue Streak, AKA LawBreakersLawBreakers is a free to play online  multiplayer shooter, set in a post apocalyptic world where you choose to play either the Law or the Breakers. You can watch its first gameplay trailer here.