Metal Gear Solid Creator Hideo Kojima Has Launched His Own YouTube Channel

Well, there’s a new one. Hideo Kojima must have a lot of time on his hands since he left his position as vice president of Konami. The game industry guru, responsible for the Metal Gear Solid series and P.T., the Silent Hills teaser that took the games community by storm last year, has launched a YouTube channel.

Under the name Kojima Productions, of which Kojima is the founder and director, the channel has released one video so far. Entitled HideoTube, the first video is a list of Kojima’s top ten movies of 2015, which you can see posted above. As he explains on his Twitter page, “70% of my body is made of movies”. There he also is pleading with fans to use the YouTube translator service to crowd source translations for the videos, so if you don’t speak Japanese, hang tight, an English version is likely on the way. SPOILERS: he likes Shaun the Sheep.

In other Hideo Kojima news, he’ll be joining his partner in P.T., Guillermo Del Toro, at the annual D.I.C.E. Summit in Las Vegas this month to participate in a discussion about his creative process. It is unknown if the two will discuss the fate of Silent Hills, but the session is promised to “offer insight into…the driving forces behind their artistic pursuits” and revisit “some of their fondest memories from their own individual careers”. Hopefully the overlap, their work on Silent Hills, qualifies as a fondest moment. It would be fascinating to hear more about the fate of that game and how it came to be from their perspective.

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