Silent Hills Shocker: Junji Ito Was Involved With Del Toro And Kojima

As if twisting the knife and spiraling it out of control, Guillermo Del Toro has made a shocking revelation about cancelled project Silent Hills.

It turns out Junji Ito was collaborating with Del Toro and Hideo Kojima on the project. Ito somewhat dabbled in games last year when he made some comics for The Pokemon Company, but these were just cover art and expanding the lore of Banette via comics. Silent Hills would have conceivably been a more direct involvement in a video game.

Ito is a Japanese horror comics icon, making comics since the 1980s but coming to prominence in the West in the 2000s after his work first received localization. His stories are filled with disturbing themes such as body horror, cruelty, and the breakdown of society. His comics are also known to fixate on disturbing tropes, such as the virals of Uzumaki, or the femme fatale exemplified in Tomie.

As astounding as this announcement is, we don’t know the extent of Ito’s involvement was or how far along he was brought in. For all we know, all Del Toro and Kojima had were some good concept sketches.

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