Nintendo Is Interested In Bringing Out More Films And TV Series

Nintendo is a massive company and it has been around for decades in terms of video game content. The company has really gone on to gain the trust of a family-friendly video game console platform. Of course, with that said, the Nintendo company is looking to further expand its franchise int a variety of ways. While they may be known for video game developments, the company is branching out into amusement parks and movies.

The Nintendo themed parks are in the works although none of them have officially opened yet. Still, there is quite a bit of anticipation to dive into an amusement park that is centered around the Nintendo Mario universe. Likewise, another move away from the usual with the company came in the form of moving video game titles onto the mobile smartphone market. While not every IP is accounted for on the smartphone, Nintendo is hoping to make some moves to further get their IPs accessible to a wider audience. Another area that Nintendo is moving towards is films with a Mario movie being made for a release in 2022. 

Now in a new quarterly report from Nintendo, it’s been unveiled that the company is looking to provide even more IPs for films and series. Nothing more is really revealed, but it looks like Nintendo is wanting to get their various franchises in a cinematic or TV series of some kind. It’s likely going to be dependent on the franchise and just what the company feels will be the right move. However, it may be a little while before we hear any more on this front.

With the Mario movie in development, this could be a good starter IP to see just how successful it does in the box office. After all, Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog film was a massive success likewise Naughty Dog has an HBO series for The Last of Us in the works along with an Uncharted film currently in production. Maybe we’ll finally see a successful boom of video game film adaptations come out within the next few years.

Source: Gamesradar