New Coding May Point To N64 Emulator For Nintendo Switch Platform

The Nintendo company has a massive fan base and over the years we’ve seen some great iconic video game titles released. Some players would love to go back and enjoy these games today but unfortunately, fans are pretty limited in their options when it comes to current-generation hardware. With the Nintendo Switch, there’s an online service that players can join in at for just $20 a year and it offers not only a means to enjoy multiplayer gameplay online but also some free video game titles from the more classic video game console releases.

Unfortunately, Nintendo Switch Online only offers two platforms where games are slowly added into the mix on a regular basis. Those platforms are the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Fans have since been waiting to see if the likes of Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo 64, Nintendo Wii, or even the Nintendo Game Boy lineups would eventually see their way onto the monthly Nintendo Switch Online service. So far, the platforms have yet to make an appearance, but a new line of code could suggest that the Nintendo 64 may be the next platform to get some type of Nintendo Switch Online treatment. 

Nintendo has a Super Mario 3D All-Stars video game compilation coming out for the Nintendo Switch and included in this collection is Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, along with Super Mario Galaxy. While the collection doesn’t offer much in terms of a remake, they will be running on emulation which was discovered after the game leaked online ahead of launch. Fans have since been picking through the code and one has discovered that the Nintendo 64 emulation has some leftover coding that could suggest more games are in the works.

The coding has references to a variety of different Nintendo 64 video games such as Pokemon Snap and Perfect Dark. Fans have since determined that if this is not coding left for the Nintendo 64 games making a return through Nintendo Switch Online, then this simply coding leftover from the likes of a previous emulation build for the Wii U Virtual Console. For now, all we can do is wait and see if the N64 games will release on Nintendo Switch Online. 

Source: Comic Book