Uncharted Movie Has Started Filming

There are several attempts to bring a video game movie adaptions that would appeal to not only those that enjoy the IP originally but newcomers as well. It’s a hard balance to pull off as making films in Hollywood is not an easy task. Furthermore, films have to be adapted to usually cover a storyline that requires several hours for players to complete. As a result, some things tend to get cut or tweaked to help fit a reasonable run time. One franchise that would often get compared to a cinematic experience is Uncharted.

Development studio Naughty Dog has delivered fans the Uncharted franchise from the PlayStation 3 and its most recent entries on the PlayStation 4. This series follows Nathan Drake as he goes on treasure hunting expeditions that usually has him pinned against enemy forces along with some supernatural elements. For several years now there has been a push to bring out an Uncharted movie adaptation and while we’ve seen several different changes to the cast and even directors, the production has finally started.

If you haven’t been following this production, the Uncharted movie is a bit different than the video games. Rather than having viewers sit in on an Uncharted movie with a grown Nathan Drake, we’re looking at a younger Nathan Drake who is still learning the ropes with his mentor Sully. Taking the lead will be Tom Holland while the character Sully has been confirmed to be Mark Wahlberg. Thankfully, for those that have been waiting for the production to begin, Tom Holland alerted his followers on Instagram that the film has begun filming. 

With that said we don’t have any images regarding the set or cast in character costume. Instead, we are only given an image featuring the chair backing that has the name Nate on it. Along with the image, Tom Holland has left a simple description that reads “Day One #Uncharted” so that’s as much information we have about the film since this production began. 

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Day one #uncharted

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