The Last of Us HBO Series Producer Claims Show Will Expand Narrative

There is a massive fan base for Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us video game franchise. The first game came out on the PlayStation 3 towards the end of the console’s life cycle and it wasn’t long after that we received a remastered edition for the PlayStation 4. It was such a hit that fans worldwide couldn’t stop talking about this video game. Whether it be the characters, gameplay, or the narrative, Naughty Dog really crafted up a critically acclaimed piece that just recently received its sequel.

While there is a ton of talk about the sequel and fans are still slowly making their way through the game if not already completed the campaign, another aspect of The Last of Us has made headlines. Not long ago it was confirmed that The Last of Us would be receiving an HBO series adaptation. Normally video games being adapted into a movie or even TV show doesn’t seem to hold up well, but because Naughty Dog crafts their games with a more cinematic experience, we could see The Last of Us adapting rather well. 

Still, that doesn’t mean that there is not a ton of gamers out there worrying how this adaptation will hold up to the video game. The series creator behind this project is Craig Mazin who recently had a big hit on HBO with his take on the Chernobyl 1986 nuclear disaster incident. Being a fan of The Last of Us, this series is something that’s become a dream come true for him. When speaking with BBC Radio 5, Craig Mazin spoke about the upcoming project and tried to ease some worries fans may have.

For instance, Mazin stated that he’s not trying to undo the video games. The base of the story will stay intact, but there will be areas that the show will expand on. It’s going to be an attempt to help fill some areas out of the narrative and it’s being done with the help of Neil Druckmann, the man behind The Last of Us. These two working together should make for quite the cinematic experience, but we’ll of course has to wait as there’s no release date on the series quite yet. After all, we’re not even sure who is attached to this project from a casting standpoint. 

Source: IGN