Halo Infinite To Feature Free Multiplayer?

[Update] 343 Industries have confirmed the rumors earlier today.

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There is a massive fan base for the Halo franchise and for many of us, we’ve been eagerly awaiting more information regarding Halo Infinite. The last 343 Industries installment didn’t hit the strides that Halo fans had hoped for. While Halo 5: Guardians sold well, it’s an installment most fans would label below par compared to the original installments that the development studio Bungie delivered. This trend may follow with the next installment if the recent reception from the Halo Infinitie’s Gameplay trailer is an insight into what the full game will look like. 

Fans had hoped that E3 2019 would see the first gameplay trailer for Halo Infinite. When E3 2019 came and went without any gameplay, there was plenty of anticipation for this year where we finally did receive some gameplay footage. It wasn’t all that impressive and fans were quick to make their voices heard. While we are waiting for the next big highlight regarding Halo Infinite, a new rumor has emerged that may pique some player’s interest.

This latest rumor going around right now suggests that Halo Infinite will be launching into the market with a free-to-player multiplayer component. Instead of paying a premium subscription to enjoy the game, everyone will seemingly have access. However, it’s likely going to be paired up with some type of battle pass or season pass to keep the title supported for the next few years. Unfortunately, this is purely a rumor at this point but we’ll likely see some type of confirmation soon.

The Halo Infinite multiplayer component was missing during Microsoft’s Xbox Series X highlight stream in July of this year. Instead of having some footage to showcase players, it was said that more details would come soon so we shouldn’t have too long of a wait to see if this rumor is actually real or not. As for when we can get our hands on a copy of Halo Infinite, there’s actually no telling. We know that it will be this year and it’s slated to be a launch title for the Xbox Series X. At the moment, the only launch window we have is sometime this holiday season. 

Source: IGN