Microsoft Confirms Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer Will be Free to Play

Microsoft has confirmed the rumors about Halo Infinite’s multiplayer being a free to play title.

Check out the announcement tweet down below:

The news comes from Twitter where the official Halo account has confirmed that Halo Infinite’s multiplayer will indeed be free to play. This comes as breaking news, as reports around the internet have been circulating the idea of being free to play. However, that is all behind us now as there is no speculation, as Microsoft today confirms the exciting and bold rumors. The tweet also notes that Halo Infinite will support 120 FPS on the Xbox Series X. Lastly, the tweet concludes that more info will be shared at a later time.

Fans were met with a lengthy look at the upcoming title at Microsoft’s Xbox Game Showcase event. The new gameplay premiere clocks in just short of 9-minutes and shows off a solid look at the gameplay. In addition, fans of the series will see some familiar weaponry, vehicles, and voices in this brand new look at Halo: Infinite. It is safe to say that 343 Studios is returning to its roots with this upcoming title, as fans will finally experience the next chapter of the iconic Master Chief.

There is no concrete release date at the time of writing, however, Halo Infinite is expected to release this holiday on Xbox and Windows Platforms.

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Source: Halo on Twitter