Dishonored 2: Rune & Bonecharm Locations | Upgrades Guide


Runes and bonecharms are the lifeblood of Dishonored 2. The more runes you collect, the more Outsider abilities you can unlock or upgrade. Bloodcharms won’t get you new abilities, but they do add permanent buffs to your character when equipped, increasing health regeneration, lowering mana usage, or any number of other bonuses.

Basically, you’re going to want all the runes and bonecharms you can get your hands on. They’re often hidden, so we’ll cover every step required to unlock the safes / doors / rooms where runes are hidden. That includes screenshots and step-by-step puzzle solutions — if a puzzle is involved, and oftentimes, one is involved.

Rune & Bonecharm Locations | Upgrades Guide

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Runes are special upgrade items used to unlock new powers for Corvo or Emily. They can be purchased from the Black Market, rewarded for completing quests, or found hidden in the environment. We’re going to focus on the secret runes here to help you find them all.

NOTE: Use the Heart to detect Runes or Bonecharms.

Bonecharms are buffs you can equip to Emily or Corvo that increase the potency of certain skills, abilities, or weapons.

Table of Contents

Mission 1: A Long Day in Dunwall

N/A – There are no Rune or Bloodcharms in this mission.

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