DOOM (2016): How to Use the Unlimited Argent Cells Glitch


Argent Cells are one of four tiers of upgrades available to unlock in DOOM (2016), and the cells are arguably the most useful for your long term survival. Grabbing cells gives you a choice — upgrade health, armor, or ammo capacity. Well, you won’t need to choose anymore, because the glitch-finder over at MinistryofGeeks on Youtube has discovered a particularly powerful exploit, allowing you to get all the Argent upgrades at one single station.

For a little backstory on the plot of DOOM (2016), the UAC is in the business of siphoning “Hell” energy from the alternate dimension filled with demons and blood sacrifices. One distilled, the evil red stuff is turned into safe Argent power — presumably the same glowing electricity that charges the DOOM Guy’s armored suit. Busting open cells gives you a permanent increase to one of three stats — health, armor, or ammo, and it’s possible to max all three if you can find every Argent Cell location. Not that it matters if you want to take advantage of this glitch.

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How to Use the Unlimited Argent Cells Glitch

Note: This glitch is tested and still works as of [5/17] — it may be patched later. If so, we’ll update here to let you know.

To make this glitch work for you, check out MinistryofGeek’s video guide, or keep scrolling down for text instructions on every aspect of this little singleplayer exploit.

To begin your glitch-quest, start Level 8 – Advanced  Research Complex.

  • Argent Cell Location: At the start of the level, move past the bathrooms to reach a small security room with an objective terminal. The Argent Cell station is located inside this security room. You can’t miss it.

Once you locate the Argent Cell, follow these quick steps to collect an infinite supply.

  1. Interact with the Argent Cell station.
  2. Enter the upgrade select menu – Health, Armor, Ammo Capacity.
  3. Select an upgrade. Doesn’t matter which. Press the button to select.
  4. Directly after pressing the upgrade selection button, immediately open the pause menu. Use [Start / Esc].
  5. In the pause menu, select Load Checkpoint -> Accept.
  6. Return to the Argent Cell. It can be collected again.
  7. Rinse and repeat as needed.

This is a pretty big cheat. If you’re not into exploiting the singleplayer experience, but want to give this little glitch a try, you can always select Restart Mission to remove all progress, including Argent Cell upgrade progress.

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