FF7R: Intermission – How To Beat All Bosses | Gigantipede, Crimson Mare & Nero

Yuffie’s mission to steal the Ultimate Materia goes in some weird directions in Final Fantasy 7 Remake‘s INTERmission DLC. There are three major story bosses you’ll face in the DLC’s two extra chapters — and more will unlock after you beat the campaign. These are some seriously big bad guys, and some of them are references to wild quasi-canon extra material. Are you a fan of the weird Dirge of Cerberus action spin-off to FF7? No? Well, someone at Square Enix absolutely is.

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How To Beat Gigantipede | Boss Guide

No weaknesses. Resistant to fire, ice and wind.

  • INFO: Its head is susceptible to physical attacks, while its tail is susceptible to lightning attacks. Lightning attacks also rapidly fill its stagge gauge. Its long-range attack accuracy increases when its containment laser finds it target.

Equip Lightning Materia and Ramuh Summon before entering the fight — use them to target the tail to rapidly stun it, or use the Synergy on the head combined with physical attacks to rapidly stagger it.

When the Containment Drones spawn, make sure to destroy them quickly. Tap [Triangle] to throw your weapon, then press [Triangle] again to retrieve it. You’ll zip to the Containment Drone and smash it! Avoid the machine guns on its back, and be ready for it to swing back onto the arena. The boss isn’t too difficult, so you don’t need to exploit its weaknesses to win. A steady stream of Cure and dealing damage to the head is enough.

How To Beat Crimson Mare | Boss Guide

Weak to Thunder. Resistant to Fire.

  • INFO: When its pilot is incapacitated, i t will be susceptible to staggering. It is capable of equipping a variety of lethal artillery, but destroying these weapons will temporarily eliminate the threat they pose.

Scarlet is manning a massive suit of power armor with a variety of deadly attacks. At the start of the fight, she’ll summon turrets — and more turrets as the fight goes on. Whenever they appear, make sure to take out the targets fast with Yuffie’s ninja star + elemental attack combo.

After that, build up your ATB and use Synergy Art of War on Scarlet. Stunning Scarlet will knock her out temporarily, and will leave the Crimson Mare suit vulnerable to stagger.

As the fight goes on, Scarlet will retreat and acquire new armaments for her suit. She’ll gain Mako Cannons, then a Claymore / Shield combo. These extra armaments can be destroyed to put the suit in a short pressured state.

Stagger the suit, and then use your Limit Breaks. That should be enough to take her down for good.

How To Beat Nero | Boss Guide

No weaknesses.

  • INFO: No information.

This bizarre Deepground opponent uses darkness to fight. He’s a fast opponent with deadly melee abilities, pistols on his wings, and darkness magic that rises up from the ground.

To put him in a pressured state, wait for him to fly and attack with Pinion Pistols. Use Yuffy’s ranged attack and zip up to strike him mid-air. He’s vulnerable to getting knocked down. When he’s down, use Synergy attacks to stagger him, then hit him with everything you’ve got.

At about 75% HP, Nero releases his arms and begins using much more powerful darkness attacks. At this point in the fight, use your long-range ninja star to build ATB, avoid his attacks, guard and heal. You’ll want to keep Sonon alive!

It also helps to summon Ramuh here. He’ll distract Nero while you prepare Synergy attacks. Later, Nero uses magic constantly, summoning patches of dark energy. Don’t stand in the darkness or he’ll continuously siphon HP from you.

The battle becomes much harder in the last 30% — Nero summons very powerful magic from the ground. When he disappear, be prepared to guard or dodge to avoid his suprise attack as he teleports near you for a killer melee strike.

Avoid his attacks as long as possible, using your ninja star to deal consistent small damage to build your ATB meter faster. Near the end of the fight, both Sonon and Yuffie should have their Limit Break meters full. Whether Nero is Staggered or not, unleash both of your Limit Breaks at 25% HP to finally bring him down. He won’t be able to withstand the double attack.

This is a very straightforward fight, and you can slowly increase your chances to pressure Nero by using your ranged Ninja Star. Cycle through all the elements until you get the right one.