FF7R: Intermission – All Happy Turtle Flyer Locations | Side-Quest Guide

Once Yuffie infiltrates Midgar in Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Intermission, the bonus DLC episode exclusive to the PS5, she’s free to explore the Sector 7 Slums. We’re all familiar with the area, but there are two major side-quests in this zone you can easy miss. The Fort Condor quest is the longest and the most involved, but the Happy Turtle quest also gives you a handy Materia you might need for Chapter 2.

After meeting up with Avalanche, you’ll encounter a proprietor for the Happy Turtle bar. He’ll give you a big reward if you find all six Happy Turtle flyers. If you check your missions menu, you can get six clues — but these clues really don’t help. If you just want to locate all these flyers, we’ve got a full list of locations detailed below. If you know where to look, this quest doesn’t take too long at all. And you’ll get the Magnify Materia which adds elemental powers to your favorite Materia. Finish the job to get the “Turtle-tastic” trophy.

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Happy Turtle Flyer Promotion Side-Quest Guide

The Happy Turtle Promotion side-quest is only available in the Sector 7 Slums. Make sure to complete it before using the Train Station and leaving Sector 7. You can return after beating the story and finish up any quests you’ve missed.

Talk to the Happy Turtle vendor dancing outside the Avalanche Base. He’ll give you clues — you can also trade with him. He has useful items for Fort Condor in stock.

Flyer #1: Some kids hid one somewhere – To the right of the dancing turtle man, there’s a bunch of school children at the southern edge of the slum. Go there and walk through the pile of boxes to find it.

Flyer #2: Floating through the air – In the far south alley on the map, go down and you’ll find kids looking at a balloon. Jump the crate in the corner and use your throwing star to pop it.

Flyer #3: Near Old Snapper’s friend’s apartment building – On the second floor of the hotel! A dog is guarding it, so hide behind each crate until the dog goes back to sleep.

Flyer #4: A cat took one on Culvert Street – Look down the allow in the north of Sector 7 Slums. It’s in the alley to the left of the bar. The car runs away when you get close to the large open area you can crawl into. The cat is at the back of the area near the chest.

Flyer #5: On the town bulletin board – On the billboard right out front of the Abandoned Talagger Factory, on the path to the train station.

Flyer #6: Near the old Talagger factory – Inside the Talagger factory marked on your map. Reach the Venomoth arena and smash the boxes to the left.

Return to Old Snapper with all six, and you’ll earn the Magnify Materia. This Materia increases the power of any linked Materia — making it essential for certain builds.