Valheim: 16 Advanced Keybinds You Need To Know

Valheim is a complex game that doesn’t hold your hand — the game trusts the players to figure out what’s what. But sometimes it goes a little too far, because there are tons of keybinds the game straight up doesn’t tell you. Some of them are incredibly useful.

After playing way too much, we’ve collected the buttons most players don’t seem to know. We’ve run into plenty of players that haven’t picked up on these optional controls. There’s so much to learn in Valheim, we really don’t blame you for no knowing everything there is to know. Some of these controls I just learned recently, too! You can shrink / enlarge the minimap, check to see how many instances are slowing down your server, or split stacks of items — there’s a lot more we’ve found, so check out the full list below.

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All The Keybinds You Might Now Know About

Keybinds are bold, followed by an explanation for what each bind does.

Movement & Combat Keybinds

  • [R]: Put away equipped weapons. Removes movement penalty.
  • [Q]: Auto-runs! When you’re travelling long-distance and you want to go hands free.
    • Use [Right Mouse] to change directions while you’re auto-running.
  • [Hold Shift]: Allows you to select the target altitude for your hoe when leveling ground. Target the ground at the altitude you want to level, then hold shift.
    • [Hold Shift] when building to disable snapping to objects.
  • [Middle-Mouse Button]: Unleashes special attacks. Special attacks are unique for each weapon type.

Home & Building Keybinds

  • [X]: Press [X] to sit! It’s actually useful for getting into difficult spots when building.
  • [Left Shift + Left Click]: Use this to split stacks of items in your inventory. Doing so will bring up a slider so you can select how many items in the stack you want to split.
  • [Hold E]: Hold [E] to collect crops for your farms. You don’t need to tap — you can just hold the button to quickly pick up everything as you move.

Map Keybinds

  • [,] [.]: Comma and period can be used to zoom in / out your mini-map.
  • [Double Left-Click] On Map: Double LMB on the icons to the right to place them on your map. Placing an icon will prompt you to name it with a text field.
  • [Left-Click] On Map: Left-click on your map to cross out marked objects with a big ‘X’ — perfect for showing you’ve completed dungeons.
  • [Right-Click] On Map: Removes map markers.
  • [Bottom-Right Toggle]: Open your map, and there’s a toggle in the bottom-right corner. Toggle this to hide your current position or show it to all other players on the server.
  • [Middle Mouse Button] On Map: Middle mouse on the map will ping a location and alert all players.

HUD Keybinds

  • [F2]: Checks to show how many “Instances” are loaded in your map. Instances are objects — more objects will cause lag.
  • [F5]: Opens the console command window. Used for inputting cheat codes.
  • [CTRL+F3]: Disables your HUD. Great for screenshots!