Modern Warfare: Summon A Teddy Bear Kaiju On Station | Easter Egg Guide

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The Teddy Bear is back and menacing the world of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in this completely ludicrous Easter egg. We’ve summoned Santa Claus and entered a Teddy Bear Bunker, but this just might be the best of the Easter eggs that have been discovered so far.

Like the Teddy Bear Bunker, you’ll need to uncover a hidden code on the new Station map to make the Teddy Bear Kaiju appear. The numbers are hidden behind panels you can shoot off with enough bullets, then input the codes (with a gun) to make the giant teddy bear appear in the distance.

The teddy is truly enormous, with glowing red eyes that pretty much confirm that this guy is no good. The jet fighters blasting him from the sky are a nice touch. Actually pulling off this Easter egg is pretty simple — unless you’re playing in a match with random people. That’s going to make it a whole lot harder.

For another new Easter egg, don’t miss the hidden Subway Bunker in Season 6 of Warzone.

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The Easter egg is located on the map Station. You can choose any loadout you want, but an LMG with Overkill will make shooting down the concrete blocks on the Station building easier.

Once you’re loading into the map, here’s what you need to do.

  • Look for six circular concrete slabs on the exterior of the Station building. Shoot each one until they break.
  • When they break, they’ll reveal 5 hidden numbers and a keypad.
  • Input the 5 random numbers into the keypad — read the numbers from left-to-right to get the order.
  • Input the code by shooting the numbers into the keypad.

And then the show will begin. The train gives you a good vantage to watch the proceeding chaos as a giant red-eyed Teddy Bear appears in the far distance, while the air force attempts to futility stop the encroaching stuffed kaiju. It’s a hilarious little Easter egg, even if it doesn’t unlock any rewards, or reveal any secrets related to the new announced Black Ops Cold War zombies mode.