Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Find Snowman Accessories & Santa Claus Easter Eggs | Christmas Secrets Guide

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is going on the Easter egg offensive this holiday season with two secret Christmas-themed secrets you can pull off on the limited-time Winter Docks map. The map might only be around for a short time, but these Easter eggs? They’ll stick in my heart forever.

They’re both amazing. One Easter egg gives your characters a snowman-themed top hat and carrot nose, while the second summons our man Santa Claus from the sky. Bizarrely, the Santa Claus secret is also a Back To The Future Easter egg — involving a clock, a lightning bolt, and a trail of fire as Santa Claus speeds away. You have to see it for yourself, and I’ll explain how it works in the full guide below.

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Snow Man Top Hat & Carrot Nose | Easter Egg

To unlock fancy top hats and carrot nose accessories for your team, you’ll need to work with a friend and shoot specific snowmen — you’ll need to shoot two sets of snowmen at the same time on the Winter Docks map.

  • Snowman #1a: On the edge of the canal near the spawn.
  • Snowman #1b: On the rooftop covered in holiday lights.
  • Snowman #2a: Near the opposite spawn, right through the closed gate opposite the red van.
  • Snowman #2b: Behind the fence on the same spawn, opposite the light pole.

One player will need to stand at each spawn and quickly shoot both snowmen — at one spawn, shoot #1a and #1b while your partner shoots #2a and #2b. You need to shoot them very fast, but both should be visible from your spawn point.

Shoot the snowmen fast enough, and your character models will gain carrot noses and top hats! You’ll only keep them for a limited time — unfortunately, this isn’t a permanent upgrade.

Santa Claus Flyover | Easter Egg

To make Santa Claus appear, you’ll need to complete a little Back To The Future Easter egg! In the middle of the map, there’s a large ticking clock. Wait until 12:00 PM on the clock — at that exact moment, shoot the lightning rod above the clock.

If you shoot the lighting rod at the right time, lightning will strike, sending a shock through the wires and making Santa Claus appear! He’ll fly over the map, spreading his Christmas cheer to all the players — whether they’re naughty or nice.

If you haven’t watched Back To The Future in awhile, to recharge their Time Machine, Marty McFly and Doc Brown have to connect a power cord to City Hall before a lightning strike. Just like this Easter egg, electricity buzzes down and Santa Claus appears in a trail of fire. Why is this a double Easter egg? I have no idea, but it’s super cute.