Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – It’s Raining Beach Balls In This Ridiculous New Easter Egg

It’s raining beach balls!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 1 has just begun, and a deluge of returning maps are included in the first major free update for this online military shooter. In a game this serious, you won’t normally find too many jokes — but there is a huge Easter egg hidden in the new Cargo map. Complete the Easter egg, and you’ll summon loads of beach balls from the sky. If someone actually pulled this off in an online map, I’d be very impressed.

This is a fun one, even if it’s totally impossible to get online while gunfire is being exchanged. Why is it so difficult? Because you need to find and shoot hidden plush dolls, and they’re very well hidden. Like, they’re so will hidden, even if you know where to look, they’re still hard to find. There’s no easy way to describe where to find these things, so I’ll include lots of screenshots to help.

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Secret Beach Ball Rain | Cargo Easter Egg Guide

To make beach balls rain from the sky, you’ll need to load up the map Cargo. I recommend playing in Local with Bots disabled so you can complete this Easter egg without worrying about getting shot.

Triggering the Easter egg is deceptively simple — just shoot a bunch of plush dolls. They’re always hidden, and always very difficult to spot. They’re usually under metal grates, wedged between containers, hidden beneath the stairs, or just tucked away somewhere very hard to spot.

You’ll also need to avoid shooting other plush dolls. If you shoot the wrong dolls, the Easter egg won’t trigger. Weird, right? You need to shoot pairs of matching dolls. To help see them all, check out the screenshots and follow the instructions below.

  • Plush #A1: Blue Elephant – Under the stairs, near the red container spawn.
  • Plush #A2: Blue Elephant – Under the opposite catwalk stairs near the blue container spawn, look behind the crates / container wedged against the wall.
  • Plush #B1: Teddy Bear – Under the stairs, near the blue container spawn.
  • Plush #B2: Teddy Bear – In the center of the map, look in the wooden crate with tiny cracks in the slats. Next to the large ‘Flagrance’ crate.
  • Plush #C1: Duck – Under the catwalk, look behind the wooden containers to spot a duck — it’s behind the wooden containers to the right of the red spawn.
  • Plush #C2: Duck – On the left catwalk from the red spawn, look down through the metal grate to see a duck behind a container, against the wall.
  • Plush #D1: Monkey – In the center of the map, under a small set of stairs in the lowest section. The stairs are right next to the red spawn container. The monkey s behind some tires under the stairs.
  • Plush #D2: Monkey – Near the blue container spawn, go prone at the large propane tank and look in the crack where a monkey is wedged in, hidden beside a crate.
  • Plush #E1: Giraffe – Hidden in a waist-high chicken-wire crate. It’s the blue crate with white cloth on top, near the blue spawn.
  • Plush #E2: Giraffe – In the center, jump on top of the white containers with wooden boards on top. The giraffe is wedged behind the white containers and the large blue container.

Shooting all the plush dolls will trigger a rain of beach balls! Why? I have no idea, but this is a Cargo ship. This Cargo ship is very clearly based on the Wetwork map from the original Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the very first map of the game, and the mission that really kicked off this massive franchise. Maybe this is just a simple way to celebrate a classic mission from the old days.