16 Best Tricks To Beat Gaming’s Toughest Bosses Easily

Boss battles are the bane of our video game existence. We’ve all played games with unstoppable bosses that absolutely kick our butts into oblivion over and over again. Today we’re aiming to earn a little revenge with 16 incredibly handy tricks you can use to beat gaming’s most challenging enemies. There’s a certain satisfaction to obliterating an annoying boss easily, and we’re going to help you feel that warm tingly sensation with the best tricks in gaming history.

There are so many awesome video game cheeses, we tried to limit ourselves to only the (mostly) intended strategies in games. This is about using the tools these games have to offer in (sometimes) unexpected ways. Or, the developers just decided to include a fun alternate method to take out bosses that you’d never discover on your own. Pick your poison, because our list of amazing video game boss battle tricks is about to begin.

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Darth Malak Mine Massacre [Knights Of The Old Republic]

One of my favorite tricks ever — and something that works against almost every single boss in the Bethesda Fallout games — is all about strategically preparing for a battle. In the climactic final battle against Darth Malak, you can just place a whole bunch of frag mines right before walking into the arena. After the fight begins, you can lure Darth Malak right into them — ending the reign of the Sith Empire in hilarious fashion.

You can pull this same trick in Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, and Fallout 4. If there’s a boss that wants to chat with you, just drop down a bunch of mines and spread some havoc.

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Enter The Last Boss Arena With No Ammo [Silent Hill]

One of the weirdest, and most wonderful measures to make a game beatable is found in Silent Hill on the PS1. This terrifying classic of the genre is all about careful ammo management while you explore the spooky remains of a very haunted town. Normally, running out of ammo in a Survival-Horror game is tantamount to death. But Silent Hill throws you a bone against the last boss.

If you enter the last boss arena with no ammo, the final boss of Silent Hill will simply automatically die. It’s a special measure to make the game possible to beat, even if you’re low on bullets — but it also means you can win faster by wasting all your bullets before the big final battle! In future games, this trick doesn’t work. Don’t waste any of those bullets in Silent Hill 3 or you’ll be in big trouble.

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