Pokémon Sword & Shield: Isle of Armor DLC – How To Farm Watts & Armorite | Digging Ma Locations Guide

There are two resources you’ll need plenty of to upgrade your dojo in the Isle of Armor expansion — Watts and Armorite. To fully enhance the Master Dojo and unlock all the features within, you’ll seriously need hundreds of thousands of Watts. In my entire original run of Pokémon Sword & Shield, I think I earned about 40,000 watts total. Now you’ll need to earn them in the millions.

Thankfully, there’s a better way to earn an insane amount of watts — the Digging Pa. This NPC is located near the entrance to the Warm-Up Tunnel, and he can potentially dig 200,000+ watts in a single session. There’s just one problem — you’ll have to hand over rare Armorite to get him to dig. He costs 7 Armorite for each digging session, and Armorite isn’t exactly easy to find. You can collect it randomly all over the Isle of Armor, or you can earn it the faster way with the Digging Ma.

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How To Earn 200,000+ Watts & Farm Armorite

To earn hundreds of thousands of Watts, you’ll first need to farm for Armorite. This valuable material spawns randomly on the Isle of Armor — but looking for it is going to take forever. Instead, we’re going to use the Digging Ma.

This NPC will dig for Armorite for free. You could lose it all every time you dig with her, so it’s a good idea to stop collecting armorite once you’ve earned a good amount.

The Digging Ma will appear randomly in a series of spots all over the island — whenever she disappears, she’ll reappear in one of the locations listed below. There’s no need to wait! The only tricky part is finding here again.

  • Digging Ma Spawn Locations:
  • Master Dojo: Near the dojo, standing on a ledge facing the ocean.
  • Challenge Beach: Hiding behind a boulder near the Forest of Focus edge.
  • Workout Sea: On the far-off island with three trees where Ditto spawns.
  • Courageous Cavern: In a small landing you’ll have to bike over water to reach.
  • Loop Lagoon: On a small optional beach along the furthest edge of the map.
  • Brawler’s Cave: Behind a cavern column.
  • Forest of Focus: Standing by the bridge closest to the Soothing Wetlands.
  • Training Lowlands: In a crevasse below Challenge Road, to the left of the stairs.
  • Workout Sea: Similar to Loop Lagoon. Look for a small optional beach only accessible from the sea.
  • Warm-Up Tunnel: Down the left dead-end road.
  • Potbottom Desert: On the far back-left corner.
  • Challenge Road: On the dead-end mountain path, to the right of the tower stairs.
  • Honeycalm Sea: On the Honeycalm Island.
  • Stepping Stone Sea: Behind the largest island in this zone, in a small cave.
  • Insular Sea: On the largest island in this zone, on a beach.

To earn lots of Armorite, just visit all of Digging Ma’s locations. After using her services, she’ll respawn at one of these locations randomly. You’ll need to revisit all of her potential spawn sites, try to find her, and earn some armorite all over again. It takes awhile, but you can speed things up by teleporting to the few locations you’ve got available.

After earning lots of Armorite, go to the Digging Pa, pay him in Armorite cash, and dig up thousands (and thousands) of Watts that you can use to upgrade the Master Dojo! It’s the easiest way to earn Watts, and you only need 7 for each round of digging. I recommend collecting 21+ Armorite at a time so you can really earn big Watt money from each visit to the Digging Pa.