Pokémon Sword & Shield: Isle of Armor DLC – How To Get Rare Alternate Region Pokémon | In-Game Traders

Some region-specific Pokémon are impossible to find in the wilds of Pokémon Sword & Shield. To get Kanto Mr. Mime, or Alolan Exeggcutor, you’ll have to trade for them — and lots of traders are appearing in-game, and only in the Isle of Armor. Below, I’ll list all of the alternate regional forms you can trade for. This covers more than just the new returning Pokemon — there are lots of alternate forms you can now acquire for your entire Pokedex!

How does it work? You just need to find a randomly-generated trader in the Isle of Armor. There are two types of random NPCs in the DLC Wild Area — a woman in a blue shirt, and a woman in a white shirt. The blue shirt NPCs will give you returning Pokémon Pokedex entries found on the Isle of Armor for 100 watts. White shirt NPCs will trade on regional Pokémon for the same species, but from a different region. They all spawn randomly, so you’ll have to explore to get them all.

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How To Get Rare Alternate Region Pokémon | In-Game Traders

Isle of Armor traders spawn randomly all over the map. They are white-shirted females, and they spawn consistently. They will always trade a regional Pokemon for one of the same species from a different region.

There are three regional forms — Kanto / Unovan / Hoennian (Standard Form), Alolan (Pokemon Sun & Moon), and Galarian (Pokémon Sword & Shield).

  • Trade Alolan Meowth to gain Kanto Meowth
  • Trade Galarian Farfetch’d to gain Kanto Farfetch’d
  • Trade Galarian Corsola to gain Kanto Corsola
  • Trade Galarian Ponyta to gain Kanto Ponyta
  • Trade Galarian Mr. Mime to gain Kanto Mr. Mime
  • Trade Galarian Darumaka to gain Unovan Darumaka
  • Trade Galarian Zigzagoon to gain Hoennian Zigzagoon
  • Trade Galarian Stunfisk to gain Unovan Stunfisk
  • Trade Galarian Weezing to gain Kanto Weezing
  • Trade Kanto Exeggutor to gain Alolan Exeggutor
  • Trade Kanto Marowak to gain Alolan Marowak

That’s a whole lot of alternate region Pokémon you can finally access in Pokemon Sword & Shield. If there’s a Pokémon you can catch in the wild, this trader NPC is likely to have an alternate region version you can acquire with the right trades.

Some trades are different, and sometimes she’ll request a different type of Pokémon than one the identical species — but it will always be a Pokémon you can catch in Pokémon Sword & Shield, and you’ll always get on that’s a whole lot harder to acquire otherwise.