Minecraft Dungeons: The Best Way To Farm For Unique Loot | Farming Guide

Unique Gear is the highest tier of loot you can find in Minecraft Dungeons, and each piece you find has a special buff related to that item. That’s what makes Unique Gear so special — you’ll get an additional bonus, alongside all the Enchantments you can unlock. Like any other piece of equipment, you’ll find Unique Gear at a variety of different power levels, so you’ll eventually out-level it.

That’s why you’ll need to find more, and if you’re hungry to re-up your Unique Gear supply in your inventory or reach the highest PLs in the game, farming it isn’t the worst decision in the world. Normally, Unique Gear is extremely rare — but if you defeat a specific boss, you’ll find your odds increased. There’s one level and boss you can farm that makes finding Unique Gear easy. You’ll find Uniques once every 2-3 runs, and each run only takes 2 minutes if you’re properly prepared.

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To farm for endless Unique Gear, you’ll need to unlock the Easter egg level. This level takes some time to unlock, but the rewards are worth it — not just easy XP farming, but also a high chance of earning Unique Loot.

Follow the instructions below to earn the ‘???’ level. You need to complete the campaign by defeating the Arch-Illager, then visit the hidden chapel in your Camp area. Find all 10 runes, and you’ll be able to get to the Mooshroom-packed stage. Follow the instructions below for tips.

Once you the ‘???’ level is unlocked, uniques are within your grasp.

How To Farm For Unique Loot

Enter the ‘???’ level and run past the random mobs — go straight to the boss. Defeat the boss, and you’ll earn Unique Gear. There’s about a 50% chance the boss will drop unique loot. Those are great odds for very hard-to-find uniques.

  • Melee Weapons: Broadsword, Flail, Frost Scythe, Heart Stealer, Jailer’s Scythe, Sun’s Grace
  • Armors: Fox Armor
  • Bows: Feral Soul Crossbow, Firebolt Thrower, Imploding Crossbow, Void Caller

That’s just some of the Unique Gear players have reported to drop from the Mooshroom boss at the end of the ‘???’ level. It’s a short level too, so to quickly farm it, you’ll want to equip artifacts that help you speed through the level.

  • Recommended Gear:
    • Equip Armor with +Movement and the Swift-Footed enchantment to help you speed past enemies and reach the boss faster. If you want to farm, you’ll need to move fast!
    • Ghost Cloak is helpful for easily escaping tricky encounters. Just blast it if you’re surrounded.
    • For high damage, equip Deathcap and Gong of Weakening.

The more friends you run with, the faster this will be. Especially if you all equip artifacts to keep your damage output ridiculously fast. If you’re working as a team and have movement boosts, you can complete the ‘???’ level and boss in less than two minutes per run.

That’s a lot of opportunities to earn Unique items, and it’s even more useful when you’re struggling to earn PL gear that’s higher than 100. If you’re looking for the best possible stuff and need those Uniques at higher difficulty levels, here’s the absolute best place to farm it.

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