Super Mario 64 PC Port Gets Impressive HD Mod

You might have recalled recently that a fan managed to get a proper PC port of Super Mario 64 working and out into the public. This was quite the feat and one that has plenty of fans happy as before the means to enjoy this game was using an emulator. Now the game is getting mods with fans creating a Super Mario 64 HD texture mod to give this game a massive overhaul. If you’re already enjoying the game now, using this mod will make a drastic difference in quality.

It was quite a surprise to see a Super Mario 64 PC port released online. Normally, fan games using Nintendo IP are usually hyped up and showcased online for others to get excited for. However, these projects are usually caught by Nintendo and forced to be killed off, never to see the light of day as Nintendo is very protective over their IP. This was likely the reason the game was kept in secret and only released once finished for fans to enjoy fully. Now Nintendo is working to remove any links online that directs players to the game files.

This is an uphill battle and one that Nintendo will not likely win. Once something gets on the internet, it’s nearly impossible to remove. However, for fans that have been playing this game, the textures have remained the same as the original Nintendo 64 release. New mods are starting to release that will give the game a huge overhaul in the visuals to make this game not only completely playable but visually impressive.

The latest mod can be viewed in a comparison video embedded above to showcase how the visuals make a big difference to the game. Of course, these are just textures so the takedown for these links is likely not a priority for Nintendo. With that said, we can’t direct you to a copy of the PC port, but if you own one, there may be some incentive in checking out these textures mod for the game.

Source: YouTube