15 Weirdest Button Commands in Gaming

#7: Punch Groins [Saints Row The Third]

The ‘awesome button’ comes from Saints Row 3 — and while it isn’t specifically for punching enemies in the groin, in practice that’s all you’ll ever do with it.

#8: Say One-Liners [Evil Dead: Hail To The King / Evil Dead: Fistful of Boomstick]

Ash Williams is the originator of about 75% of Duke Nukem’s one-liners, and any game the skimps on actor Bruce Campbell’s wonderful vocal performance is clearly missing out. That’s why these Evil Dead tie-in games made the smart choice and just mapped a button that specifically forces our boomstick-wielding hero to spout off one-liners ad nauseum.

#9: Ragdoll [GTA5]

Go limp whenever you want in GTA5 — you’ll just need to hop, then press [R] on your keyboard to ragdoll ridiculously. Basically, whenever you’re mid-air, you can ragdoll. Is there any purpose to this? My theory is that you can survive car-crashes better when you ragdoll. But I really have no idea. It’s hilarious, that’s all that really matters.

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