15 Weirdest Button Commands in Gaming

#13: Lower Your Gun [Halo 2]

In a game all about shooting — and literally nothing else — it’s strange that Master Chief can actually lower his gun. By holding [Down] on the [D-Pad], your hero will put his gun away. This was included for one reason only; so the boys at Red vs. Blue could make funny videos with a visible gun on the screen.

#14: Yell For Mario [Luigi’s Mansion 1-3]

Mario looms large over his green-clad brother’s solo series. In Luigi’s Mansion, Mario’s loser brother searches a haunted mansion, trying to save his friends from a spooky threat. In the first game, Luigi can call for Mario in a pathetic voice — and the tradition continues in future games. By Luigi’s Mansion 3, Luigi at least just says more generic “Hello?” and “Anyone there?” — maybe he’s finally escaping the shadow of his famous sibling? Just kidding, he still yells for Mario.

#15: Quack / Honk [Duck Game / Untitled Goose Game]

And finally, the simple quack. In Duck Game, you can quack — and it’s literally pointless. Similarly, you can give a hearty honk in Untitled Goose Game, but it’s far more powerful. Your goose honk can alert nearby humans, or scare them away. It’s important for the stealth / puzzle gameplay, and it’s completely hilarious. Add a funnel or a set of walky-talkies for even more honking fun.

Those are some of the best, weirdest buttons you can press in video games. What are some of your favorites? Let us know!