15 Weirdest Button Commands in Gaming

#10: High-Five [Double Dragon: Neon]

To show off Billy and Jimmy’s companionship, the heroes of Double Dragon: Neon can slap hands in an impressive display of brotherly love. Double Dragon: Neon is an extremely arch game, filled with completely ludicrous details that seemingly parody the past — so it’s no surprise this nostalgic romp lets you high-five with ironic aplomb.

#11: Drop Pants [IK+]

The oldest game on this list also has the most ridiculous button press of all time. Straight from the C64, International Karate+ is much weirder than it seems. You play as a Karate guy fighting other identical karate guys. Everything appears normal, until you find the button that forces everyone to drop their pants. This is a real game.

#12: Flip The Bird [Far Cry: Blood Dragon]

The hero of Far Cry: Blood Dragon, played by ’80s action guy Michael Biehn, has a secret power stashed in his robo-hands. With the press of a button, you can flip the bird — while reloading, he flashes his middle finger. He gives them the finger. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do any extra damage.

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