15 Weirdest Button Commands in Gaming

#4: Smoke [Vanquish]

In Vanquish, your hero can whip out a cigarette and light up on command. It looks awesome, but the coolest part is — it’s not even useless. When our hero throws his lit cigarette away, the heat signature causes enemy robots to avert their aim and trick the flick of fire.

#5: Fart [Oddworld: Abe’s Oddyssey / Oddworld: Abe’s Exodus]

Yes, there’s a button for farting in both original Oddworld games. Abe can fart at any time — it’s part of his communication repertoire. Farting will make your friends laugh, but it’s much more useful than that. Abe can possess his own farts, and even make them explode!

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#6: Hug [A Boy And His Blob]

A Boy And His Blob is exactly what the game is about, and the cutest button on our list gives your boy the ability to hug his little blob friend at will. It’s adorable, and it helps teach your blob. You can hug your blob or scold it to improves your connection with the little alien critter.

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