Halo Reach: MCC – All 19 Datapad Collectibles | Legendary Secrets Guide

If you’re currently enjoying Halo Reach on PC for the first time, you might want to give the campaign a second playthrough to track down the many hidden collectibles. There actually aren’t too many — 19, or about two per mission, so getting them all is actually manageable instead of an endless Assassin’s Creed flag-hunting death march. It’s a fun challenge, and some of these collectibles are only available when you’re playing on Legendary Difficulty. If you’re up for a challenge, here’s where to find them all.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection only just recently released Halo Reach as a separate DLC download you can add to the enhanced editions of all the early Halo shooters. While Forge Mode isn’t available yet — it’s coming out in 2020 — you’ll still be able to access an insane amount of community content, play online on modern systems, or play through the campaign on a silky-smooth modern PC. It’s a very different experience, and one that’s selling huge numbers for a DLC add-on to a remaster. It might be the best part of the Halo: MCC package.

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NOTE: Certain datapad collectibles will only appear on [Legendary] difficulty. Make sure to check the entry for difficulty requirements.

Datapad #1: M1 Winter Contingency – After getting the flatbed truck, drive until you reach a bridge. Past the drive, stay on the left side until you reach an area with some structures — enter the right structure to find this datapad near a dead body.

Datapad #2: M2 ONI Sword Base – Reach the ONI interior ground floor after riding up a lift. Clear the lobby, and then go to the north section and enter a room with access to the second floor. Take the ramp ups until you reach the fourth floor — there’s a hallway up here with the data pad under a ramp.

Datapad #3: M3 Nightfall – A the start of the mission, stick to the right box canyon wall. There’s a side-path that leads to this datapad nearby — it’s on the ground, along the left-hand side of the path.

Datapad #4: M4 Tip of the Spear – At the large facility swarming with Covenant, climb to the western roof — there’s a hole there near a red vat. Drop down until you reach the bottom floor, and look on the shelves.

Datapad #5: M5 Long Night of Solace – Fight through the beach and you’ll reach an interior room. Once you enter the chamber with the glowing blue table in the center, go up the steps to the left to reach a data pad room.

Datapad #6: M6 Exodus – Using the jetpack to zip over a large area, you’ll land in a combat area filled with Covenant. Use the Jetpack to reach a black, dimly lit catwalk in the back of the arena.

Datapad #7: M7 New Alexandria – Using the flyer, fly past the two-pointed skyscraper and land on the shorter pyramid-shaped rooftop. The datapad is on the far edge of the roof.

Datapad #8: M8 The Package – Dropping into an interior path, wait until the room gets wrecked. When you reach an area with dim red lighting, your squad will unlock a door — instead of going forward, look on the floor to the left.

Datapad #9: M9 The Pillar of Autumn – Past the shipyard exterior, continue inside and fight through the open arena. Past the Fortified Covenenant, look for a passage downstairs. At the bottom, there are windows with offices on the other side. Smash the windows to climb through.

Datapad #10: M1 Winter Contingency [Legendary Only] – As soon as you exit the flyer at the start of the mission, immediately sprint down the hill (opposite of the objective) and kill the invisible Elite before it escapes. It will drop the datapad.

Datapad #11: M2 ONI Sword Base [Legendary Only] – At the first ruined human outpost swarming with enemies, look behind the buildings for a destroyed wooden bridge. You’ll need to use a running / grenade jump to cross the missing bridge gap. The datapad is on the other side.

Datapad #12: M3 Nightfall [Legendary Only] – Reach Rally Point Bravo (you can’t skip ahead), where a large group of humans and Covenant are fighting. Your goal is to stick to the right side of this area until you find a river. Jump over the dam and follow the river bed to a stone arch. Use a branch sticking out of the nearby ledge to jump on top of the stone arch — jump on and past the arch to find this datapad sitting on the ground near a tree.

Datapad #13: M4 Tip of the Spear [Legendary Only] – Near the area where Datapad #4 is located, you’ll reach a vehicle section. Grab a vehicle and travel to a ruined highway overpass. Use the wrecked concrete columns to reach a platform with this datapad.

Datapad #14: M5 Long Night of Solace [Legendary Only] – Moving past the room with Datapad #5, reach the hangar area and climb the first set of steps you see. At the top of the steps, look left for a metal platform you can jump onto — jump onto the ramping section, then onto a panel a little higher. Turn around and jump to another platform near a ramp, leading to a high spot with the datapad.

Datapad #15: M6 Exodus [Legendary Only] – After using the jetpack to cross a large open area and fighting through Covenenant, you’ll exit into another area between two large buildings. Don’t enter the building yet! Follow the right path up, then use the jetpack to jump across the small ledges made up of metal beams. The datapad is located high up, on a vent jutting out from the building exterior.

Datapad #16: M7 New Alexandria [Legendary Only] – Very tricky. Right at the start, turn around and fly to the opposite side of the building with the landing pad. On the other side, fly down until you spot a tiny ledge with the datapad. You need to carefully fly to this ledge so your Spartan exits onto the platform without falling to his death.

Datapad #17: M8 The Package [Legendary Only] – Outside the lab entrance, grab a jetpack and go to the first turret objective. Use the jetpack to jump onto the rocky ledge behind this turret — then use this rocky path to reach the chasm. Jump over the hole with the jetpack, looking for a platform around the building’s corner. Under the bridge, you’ll find this hidden datapad.

Datapad #18: M9 The Pillar of Autumn [Legendary Only] – Reaching Rally Point Alpha, you’ll have to fight enemies around some structures — enter the second building, cross the walkway, and go up a ramp to find a barrier you can jump on. Use it to reach the rooftop where a collectible is located.

Datapad #19: M10 Lone Wolf [Legendary Only] – For the final collectible, look for a ramp near a large pipe structure on the right of you starting location. At the end of the pipe, jump onto a small pedestal, and into the pipe itself. The datapad is in that pipe.