Halo Reach: All The Easter Eggs You’ll Want To Revisit | Halo: MCC Secrets Guide

Halo Reach is the culmination of the Halo series from original developer Bungie, and a legendary game in its own right. And now that it’s finally available for everyone on PC through the Halo: Master Chief Collection, I wanted to explore 8 awesome Easter eggs hidden all over the game. There are some truly crazy secrets to discover here, so let’s break them down.

Some of the best secrets involve taking control of an extremely glitchy Pelican Dropship, unlocking your very own race track, or spotting a hidden cameo from Master Chief himself. The secrets here are from the true golden age of Easter eggs, and some of these are crazy hard to find on your own. That race track Easter egg requires you to stand in two different specific spots, and point your reticule in a random direction — all for a Ridge Racer reference.

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The Brute Dance Party

In Mission 7, travel to Club Errera — it’s part of the main mission — and fly back to the Hospital. Beneath the normal landing pad, look for a lower ledge with a green light. Activate the secret switch, then fly back to Club Errera. There’s also a switch on the roof of Club Errera that gives you a different song.

Either way, if you return after hitting a switch, you’ll find dancing Grunts and a Brute DJ spinning tracks!

Master Chief’s Secret Cameo

Once you finish the final level, wait until you reach the cutscene where the Pillar of Autumn flies. Hold [D-Pad: Right] as if you were looking right, and you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of Master Chief in a pod during the UNSC shuttle docking sequence.

This is one secret I didn’t know anything about, but it’s awesome to see Master Chief right where he’s supposed to be in the original Halo — still inside a stasis pod.

‘Confused Callouts’ HUD Map Easter Egg

Here’s an easy-to-miss little secret. In the lower-left corner of your HUD, next to the minimap, you’ll get a little text name for every location you visit. This is especially useful for multiplayer, as it gives you an easy way to tell your teammates where you are. There are also some secret locations you can find on the map.

For example, on Boardwalk map, you can find a little ledge called ‘Makeout Point’ — only this little spot is named that, and you can find other tiny secret areas on other multiplayer maps. Stand in those areas long enough, and you’ll even unlock a special ‘Confused Callouts’ achievement.

‘Clear And Present Danger’ Invisible Elite

On the Mission 2: Winter Contingency, you can track down a unique Elite enemy that only spawns on Legendary difficulty. The special Elite is guarding Datapad #10, and you can earn the secret ‘Clear And Present Danger’ achievement.

To find this weird guy, wait for the intro cutscene to end. You’ll exit the flyer — immediately run straight forward (backwards from your objective) and down the little hill below. The invisible Elite will try to escape through the gate near the water tower. Shoot him and defeat him for a collectible! What a weird secret.

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